OUR CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT IN 2016 was our acquisition of 5 pups from a volunteer's accidental breeding.  
We placed all 5 in wonderful homes & the mother has been spayed.  Here are their forever home stories:

Greta (AKA Jersey) now lives on a 10 acre ranch in Cottonwood
with a couple who has had Weimaraners for 50 years.
The adopters are ranchers who are home all the time. Greta will have a magical ranch life, visiting the Nubian goats, 4
horses, chickens, 2 kitties & romping with an Australian Shepherd & Great Pyrenees. Greta loves sleeping on the bed &
cuddling on the couch with Mom & Dad.

Luna (AKA Cameron) is now living in Santa Rosa with a family that includes a stay at home Mom & NCWR rescue dogs
Brownies & Zora! The whole family is so excited to have her. Zoey likes to romp with Zora & snuggle with Brownie!

Zoey (AKA Brooklyn) now lives in Marina with parents who have opposing schedules, so no alone time for this
puppy! Zoey will enjoy the beach life! Mom says Zoey is rambunctious, sweet & very smart!

Mia Simone (AKA Simone) now lives on a 10 acre ranch in Valley Forge, with stay at home parents & 2 Weimaraner
friends, Maximus & Maggie. Mom says Mia Simone is a treasure  & beautiful in very way!

Sherman has a new family, Mom, Dad, 3 human playmates, Kero adopted from NCWR in 2015 & a kitty!
Sherman, Kero & family will have lots of daily exercise consisting of walks in their Rohnert Park neighborhood & play time.
They will accompany the family on dog friendly errands, go on hikes, visit dog friendly beaches & the dog park. Sherman is a
lucky puppy!

Although Cash had been with his family since he was a puppy, a medical condition
forced the family to give him up.
Cash is a happy, well adjusted boy who took no time charming his new Foster Mom. So Cash is now "Home for the Holidays"
with hisnew Mom in Moraga. Happy New Year Cash!​  Mom says ​ Cash is a great dog who loves his toys as much as his walks.
He has already made a walking friend, Pepe the Lab who belongs to one of Mom's friends. The East Bay Mud Trails are just
down the street ​ have become a favorite destination for both Cash ​​&​ his new family. When at home, he hangs out in the living
room with his new pack, roams the yard with over a dozen fruit trees while Dad does yard work, ​plays fetch with anyone who
will throw his lacrosse ball.​"​​The family adopted Cash for Mom's Birthday, so here's a pic of Mom & her ​B​irthday present!

Milo has been anxious ever since his housemate was rehomed a year ago. But this year,
Milo got the best Christmas
present ever, a new Forever Home! & not just any home... Milo landed in foster with NCWR's former Adopter of the Year &
scored the home of his dreams! Dad says Milo is playing & getting along well with Luna & Winnie, adopted from NCWR this
year. Dad, Milo, Luna & Winnie take 2 mile walks daily near their Reno home. Merry Christmas Milo!

Shadow had a rough start in life. Shadow & littermate, Hazel were surrendered
to the shelter for constantly escaping
their yard. They were most likely kept outdoors their entire lives. Shadow also endured 2 surgeries for entropian lower lids
while under NCWR's care. Thanks to a wonderful Foster Mom, Shadow is now well adjusted, trusting, kind & gentle. Shadow's
new family, Mom, Dad & 3 children, met him while visiting their neighbor & they fell in love! Dad says his little girl is in love
with Shadow. The family looks forward to lots of play & walks with him & Dad looks forward to retiring so he can take Shadow
fishing & hiking!

Parker, was a stray with no family to call his own, until now!
Parker has a new Mom & Dad & a new housemate, Sasha,
a 7 year old Weimaraner girl. Mom says Parker has been a good boy & is loving his new life as a spoiled house dog! She says he
is a joy & a love bug & likes to put his head in Mom's lap to get his ears rubbed. Parker & Sasha will take walks & hikes around
their home. The "kids" will go on family trips & go to family gatherings.

Milla, formerly known as Dynah, stole her Foster Mom's heart the day they met! Milla's new Mom
is a valued
member of NCWR's team & a former Weim Mom, so Milla is in very capable hands to say the least. Mom & Milla will have a
busy social life, having play dates with dog friends & going to the dog park near their San Jose home. They'll have an active
life style too, jogging, hiking, roller blading & taking trips to the beach.

Lexie had been in her home since she was a puppy, but at 8 years old
when divorce divided the family, she needed a
new home. Lexie's Mom could not take her & when her Dad threatened to take her to a shelter, she was surrendered to NCWR.
Lexie's new Mom & long time Weimaraner lover, fell for her on the spot. Lexie will go to work with Mom & they'll go on walks &
hikes near their San Luis Obispo home.

Willow, formerly Rada, found herself in a less than perfect situation (apartment living!)
for her & needed a
"Weimaraner Friendly" home! Willow's new Mom & Dad were looking for a dog to take to the many off leash beaches & dog
parks near their Santa Ynez home & also, someone to accompany Mom on her two hour walks near the Santa Ynez River
several times a week. Willow is willing! Willow has her own pack now, Bear, a 9 year old black lab, Daisy an 8 year old
Chihuahua & Gunner , a 7 year old Dachshund mix. Willow will also attend obedience classes. Congratulations on your new
life, Willow!
Not all dogs reported as adopted here are featured on this site.  Sometimes a
home-approved family is ready when the right dog comes into our care.                 
photo by Coleen
Even though you don't see your perfect dog
here today, we get new dogs all the time.  
Many dogs never post to our site as the right,
approved home is waiting when the dog
comes to us.  It is important to become
home-approved to be on that list.
Available Weims in Northern California

Our adoption fees vary per
adoption but range from
nothing  to $450 depending on
many factors.

These fees help defray our costs
for vet care, shots, spay &
neuter, boarding and

Our most urgent need continues to be foster homes.  
If you can help, please fill out an
application or
contact us at
- submit an application
- we'll call you for a phone interview
- one of our volunteers will contact you to arrange a home visit
- once we have a dog we think is a good fit, we'll arrange for you to meet him/her
- if that goes well, you can take the dog on a trial basis                
BLUE is a 10 to 11 year old male Weimaraner who has lived in the same home
since he was a puppy. The owner's health problems made it hard for them to give Blue
the care he needed, so they called upon NCWR to find him a good home.  Shortly after
he came to us, he had surgery to remove two large benign lipomas and he recovered
nicely. He was put on a high quality diet with supplements, which have been helping
with his skin and coat, but Blue is definitely showing his age. He has some arthritis,
due to his age, and his front legs bow out, which was probably genetic.  Blue has lost
weight in his wonderful foster home, and that has helped him gain more strength and
mobility. We are hoping for a special someone to come forward that would like to share
their home and companionship with Blue in his senior years.  While Blue may not
have the youth and stamina he once had, he does have a huge heart, and loves being
with his people, as well as other dogs. He loves to interact with humans through play,
rolling his ball under the chair and asking his human to get it for him. We bet he
would love to learn other fun Weim games! He does not ask for much – just the love
and attention he enjoys so much. He would do best with someone who is home a lot,
who does not have a lot of stairs to navigate (although he has learned to navigate stairs
much better in his foster home), and in return Blue will make you feel like you are the
most special human on this earth. Special Needs, no fee. Fostered in Shingle Springs.   If
you are interested in adopting Blue, please submit an
HANSEL is a 1-2 year old neutered Weimaraner/Labrador mix
with a natural tail, Weimaraner coloring, and dewclaws.  When we first
took him from a shelter he was very afraid of people. During a very
short time, in a wonderful, caring, foster home he has really come out of
his protective shell.  Hansel has decided that the man of the house is his
best buddy and trots nicely along side him for the early morning bicycle
ride.  Now he asks for pets and scratches from both his foster Mom and
Dad.  Because Hansel goes to work with Mom, he's learned that
strangers can be okay too!  Hansel does well with other dogs and because
he came in with his sister, we think a home with other dog(s) would be
best. We do not know where he came from so we are looking for a home
without small children or kitties.  A calm understanding of the newness
of his people skills will help him grow into an extremely loyal, tightly
bonded family member. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy,
please submit an
application.  Her adoption fee is $200.
GRETEL is a 1-2 year old Weimaraner/Labrador mix
with her natural tail, dewclaws, and a darker, reddish tint to
her coat.  Gretel is the more independent, outgoing of the two
and is doing well in her Oakland Hills foster home with her
new four legged pals, a Weimaraner and a lab.  Although it
seemed she had never been inside a home before, she quickly
learned to navigate stairs, and picked up on some house
manners .  Like her brother, Gretel came to NCWR very
afraid of people.  Because of patience and kindness, Gretel now
enjoys being with her foster Dad who works from home.  
Because we do not know where she came from, a home
without small children or cats is recommended. Gretel is
ready for a forever home and would love the company of
other dogs.  An obedience class would be a fun way to form
your bond with this pretty girl and for her to learn new
skills.  If you would like to adopt Gretel, please submit an

.  Her adoption fee is $200.
RAINBOW is an amazing 12 year old female purebred
who had been in her home since she was a puppy. Recent
health problems with her elderly owner forced them to find a new
home for her.  Her age does not stop Rainbow from her love of
chasing the ball! She will keep going and going, yet she is very
mellow and sweet in the home. She has a few lumps and bumps,
which are common at her age, as well as gets sore when exercising
too much. Otherwise, she seems to be pretty healthy for her age.  
Rainbow will do best in a home where someone is around a good
part of the day, and having another dog in the home may be a plus
for her.  She will win your heart over with her adorable little
"play-bow" and patting her feet on the floor as she tries to get other
dogs to play with her! Her adoption fee is $100.00, and you may
meet her at her foster home in San Jose.   If you think you may
have just the right home for Rainbow, fill out our
Meadow & Shiffra  visiting
Greta in Cottonwood.
Cash with his new mommy.
Zoey and Bailey, 13 and 10 years old respectively,  first came to us three
years ago.
They had been with their original owner since they were puppies, and
NCWR was able to secure a wonderful "failed" foster home and keep them together.  
Sadly, a few months ago their world came crashing down on them with the sudden
loss of their human. With several other Weims in the home, the family felt it was
best to ask us to re-home them. While keeping them together would be nice, it is
not necessary. Even though they have lived together all their lives, they are not
so bonded as long as there are other dogs in the home. Both ladies are healthy!  

Zoey enjoys her senior years by chasing the ball, loves car rides, short walks and
napping. She has one "Weim Crime", and that's tearing up toilet paper rolls when
she's not doing her other activities. Unfortunately, she's not too great at covering
up the evidence!  Bailey is more active, loves chasing the ball, going for longer
walks each day, car rides, (especially to Starbuck's) and loves snuggling up and
cuddling.  She loves men, so a man in the home is a must!

Both Zoey & Bailey are so sweet and were so well loved and taken care of. We would
love to see them go homes where they continue to be treated like princesses.
Currently in fostered Fresno. Senior, no adoption fee.  If you are interested in one
or both, please submit an