Each year the NCWR Board votes for
our favorite rescue dog and story
Nemo was dumped on the streets of San Jose as a tiny pup, but his Guardian
Angel lived on  that street, and she took him in and  nursed him back to health,
then called NCWR to find him the perfect forever home.  He has a neurological
disability and was named Nemo after the cute Disney fish with the “special” fin.
His hind legs don’t work independently, so he “bunny hops”.  But his impairment
doesn’t slow him down!   His foster mom, Dianne, in Stockton kept telling her
friends about this adorable pup with the great personality and spunk.  Margot and
Alan Ray own a yellow lab that was very lonely after his special human, Daniel,
went away to college.  After searching for the just the right playmate for a few
months, they came to visit Nemo. It was instant love!  Nemo is now at his forever
home with Chance, the lab, and the Rays. He is special in every way, from the
mischievous look in his eye to his boundless energy and curiosity.   Nemo gets to
visit a chiropractor every month so that his muscles and spine stay in alignment.  
His owners dream of giving him a job as a therapy dog visiting children and adults
with disabilities.  Nemo is an inspiration – his zeal for life can make everyone feel
better about theirs!  His new family is very thankful for Dianne and NCWR!

When we spotted Wags on the NCWR website in November ’04, all we saw was his long tail, and
knew we wanted him.  We were grieving the loss of our beloved Weimaraner, Mr. Peabody, who also sported a
long tail, and thought Wags might fill our void.  Then we met this humongous goofy boy in person, and knew
he was the perfect soul to heal our hearts and make us laugh!  He was such a clown, and just wanted to be
someone’s snuggle-buddy.  He had a bad hip, but that was corrected with a total hip replacement in July ‘05,
and now our bionic boy acts like a pup again.  His favorite activity is going to the park for a romp and lots of
sniffing and bird-chasing, followed by a nap on our waterbed!   His second favorite activity is hanging out at
the NCWR Events Booth and enjoying the visitors.  People of all ages are drawn to his gentle nature, so he’s a
perfect Canine Ambassador for Weimaraner Rescue.  When people comment on his unusually large size, we tell
them he looked up Weimaraner in the dictionary, but did not know how to spell it, so he stopped at Walrus and
thought that’s what he was!  

Wags lives happily with three canine siblings, all rescued.  He is a love-muffin and snuggle-bug, and everyone
who meets him falls under his spell!

Wags was named 2006 NCWR Rescue Dog of the Year, but he is our “Rescue Dog of a Lifetime”!  We adore him,
and can’t imagine life without him in it!  Thanks to NCWR for bringing him into our lives and
hearts.                                                                                                     Terry Larsen & Dianne Venzo

Jimmy James came into Rescue in January of 2003. He was young, unneutered, untrained,
extremely energetic and overactive and I hated him.  He was so obnoxious, I thought the only way to
get him out of my house was to put some training into him and attempt to turn him into a normal
Weim, whatever that is. He responded surprisingly well and quickly won my heart and I adopted

He loves training sessions and earned his Canine Good Citizen in only nine months. This year, he’s
earned his Companion Dog Title, his Rally Novice Title, his Rally Advanced Title, and his Rally
Excellent Title.  Among his other accomplishments, he also was named “The Highest Scoring Dog
Obtained as a Rescue” and made the Weimaraner Club of America’s Top Ten List three times for
Competitive Obedience.  Jimmy’s training and competition was recently set back while he recovered
from a 40 foot fall off a cliff at the beach on a Weim Club walk in July.  Fortunately, there was no
permanent damage and he’s back in training.   Thanks to Jimmy James, I have become part of the
wonderfully weird world of Weimaraners.  Jimmy James is truly the love of my life

Hans was rescued from a high-kill shelter hours
before being put down.   He was sent to dog rehabilitation
and socialization training at King's Kastle in Cloverdale,
and worked his way into the hearts of the staff.  They then
gave him a job as a therapy dog, helping other dogs, where
he  made a difference every day.  

Logan was hit by a car  and sustained leg & hip
 He was in terrible pain for several weeks, but
his owners could not afford treatment, so nothing was
done.  Animal Control convinced the family to surrender
Logan, and Oakland Animal Shelter (OAS) and Friends for
OAS arranged for a complex surgery. OAS also paid $3000  
for this expensive procedure. Logan did fine in surgery  He
now has a plate with pins on one side, and had a hip
salvation procedure ("FHO") on the other. Logan currently
is doing great and the wonderful foster family who saw
him through his long rehab adopted him.

Jakey came with a lot of energy and he had a secret - a very strong prey drive
that would take over his common sense to where he would throw tantrums to get going,
when on leash.  After several foster homes, a couple of adopters and two trainers, he was
matched with a hunting dog trainer to see exactly what kind of prey drive Jakey had.  
She found that while he has these fits on leash and loves to run, he was non-reactive to
the birds used in training.  So the only answer was to get his excitability under control
so he could be calm and focused and live a normal life.  The trainer used an electronic
(shock) collar to STOP and REDIRECT him with each "tantrum".  After a just a couple of
mild impulses, he was ready for the collar to be set on vibration.  After a few vibration
reminders, he started to settle down overall and could focus on the command he was
being given.  And very quickly, Jakey became an adoptable dog!  He seemed to be a
normal, loving and he goes on very long trail runs with the adults every day.  We are
very proud how far Jakey has come, and that he is now living in a wonderful home and
is able to give as much as he receives.  

Dean was adopted from Northern California Weimaraner Rescue in August
and has never been one for confinement. Since his first days in Casa de New
Mama (which had just been purchased 2 months prior), he had proven himself to be
quite the Houdini: escaping AIRLINE APPROVED kennels (seriously, who approves
those?), making blinds vanish, and doing disappearing acts from inside the house and
reappearing outside on the front door step hours later. As confinement was useless, he
was given reign of the house until I could meet The Wizard. Nostradamus himself
couldn’t have predicted what was to come... and as a first time Weim parent, I didn’t
know any better.

2½ years later, Dean is a “Mission Ready” Search and Rescue (SAR) dog and is mutual
aid for the state of California. His job has transformed him from the male-shy, skittish
and un-trusting puppy he was to the fabulous couch lounging, non-house destroying,
male-loving fabulous goofball he’s become. He has decided to become a mentor to a
(crazy) blue Weim, dedicating his free time to little brother Toby, who was also adopted
through NCWR. Toby, who has only 3 feet, is also on his way to becoming a SAR dog and
a therapy dog for children and veterans with disabilities.

Garmin's foster parents adored her and wanted to keep her, but they had three dogs of
their own.  They were amused by her desire to chase light, shadows and water coming from a
hose. Which it turns out, is a serious obsession with this girl.  Princess moved a couple weeks later
to a foster home in Norcal, and there she met her first adopter.  The foster family's friend fell
completely in love with Princess, adopted her and renamed her Angel.  About a year later, Angel's
owners lost their home and had to move to an apartment where they could not have dogs, so
Angel was returned and moved to another foster home.  She was quickly adopted by a family who
kids a companion - she was perfect!  But soon after the running began, it became apparent that
Angel had bad knees (torn ACL's)  So, the family drove her to a vet in Oregon for knee repair
surgery and Garmin stayed in a foster home nearby for two months until she fully recovered.  
About a year later, the family was forced to relocate for work, and could not take Garmin or their
newly acquired Weimaraner, Gadget with them.  So, both dogs went to NCWR foster homes in
search of a forever-forever home!  Garmin did not deserve any of this bouncing around, but she
did it with grace and she continued to love her people and other dogs through it all.  Garmin is
now named Carmen and she found her forever home!  She lives with two adults, a 5-year old
Weimaraner and two children ages 11 and 14, just what she needed!  She is still obsessed with
chasing light, and even chased a man's flickering iphone while he was running - crazy girl!  

Oggie is a young dog, probably about 1-1/2 years old. We don’t know exactly how old, because he
California with his foster family as “Casper”, and began to recover from his difficult early life.  We
adopted Casper in April 2013, and renamed him August (Oggie for short). In the brief 6 months
that he has been with us, he has made quite a difference in our lives. He has all the joy and energy
of a healthy puppy. (We think he’s making up for lost time!)  Oggie is an incredibly affectionate
and loving boy. You would never know that he got off to such a rough start.  In June 2013, we
were walking Oggie in a park, and we met a nice 6 yearold female Weimaraner (Tosca) and her
owner. Tosca was in need of a new home, because her owners had to move away for work without
her. So our pack grew quickly by one. Despite Oggie and Tosca’s strong prey drive, they live with
a cat named Ethan who takes  every opportunity to sleep in their kennel. They huddle in the
corner while Ethan casually reclines on their bed.  The people that we meet with Oggie, who hear
his story, always tell us that he has “won the lottery”. We do our best to make that true for him,
and we feel that we’ve gotten pretty lucky as well!

Jack was rescued by good Samaritan, Melissa Bacall,
who found him running down the freeway in S CA.
Jack had many scars & ground down teeth, obviously
at the hand of humans. His right eye was injured to
the extent that it had to be removed. Despite his
suffering, Jack's loving nature emerged. He loved to
be cuddled & ride in the car. But, of course, the
second & happy chapter of his new life began with
the call from his new Mom, Jenny Short.

Alonsa's owner was beaten to death in front of her.  
The police found her cowering in the garage and
took her to a shelter where we rescued her.  After
much TLC, she is thriving in her new home.