Sacramento Valley Weim Clubx`x`
San Francisco Bay Weim Club
ARIZONA:  For inquiries about Rescue Weimaraners in Arizona or the Southern California Desert area, contact
Brian Lamb at  

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA:  There are two Weimaraner rescues in Southern California (below Bakersfield).

Diane Monahan, FRIENDS FOR PETS, 818 767-5919, friendsforpets@hotmail,com.  Please view their website at to see the list of Weimaraners available for adoption.  

Kim Burnell, CALWEAR, contact them via a form at and view their available dogs at

Oregon/Washington/Idaho: To adopt, volunteer or rehome a Weimaraner in any of these states, go to Oregon Weimaraner
Rescue at and  For questions, email   

NEVADA:  For inquiries about rescue Weimaraners in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada, contact 702
280-6946,  Please view the website at to see a list of
Weimaraners available for adoption.  For  inquiries about rescue Weimaraners in Northern Nevada, contact
Arlene Marshrey, 775 972-7804.

NEW MEXICO & NORTHERN TEXAS:  For inquiries regarding Weimaraner rescue in New Mexico and
Northern Texas, pleases visit, email
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