photo by Harvey Potts

17th Annual Weim Country Gala VIRTUAL


‘I really like helping these guys.’

We did it! Our 17th Gala & first & hopefully last Virtual Gala! A huge thanks to all our donors & participants for making this a fun & financially successful event.


Alexander was adopted on July 29, 2011 at about a year and a half old. He is a very sweet, well-mannered, big boy at 98 pounds. Alex loves going to the dog park and traveling in our RV with his sister Emmy, who is also an NCWR rescue, and Cooper, another rescue dog. Alex loves playing ball on Carmel Beach. Thanks so much, Northern California Weimaraner Rescue, for bringing Alex into our lives!

When we adopted Emmy on July 6, 2015, her estimated age was between 3 and 5 years old. Emmy was very timid when we brought her home, but she blossomed as she came to love her brothers Alex and Cooper. Emmy is dad’ s shadow and loves to travel in our RV. She has visited 22 states so far and is always ready for a week in the RV.

Casey was adopted six years ago from Northern California Weimaraner Rescue. Rescued from a breeding situation, she and I have both been very grateful ever since. She has never displayed any of the negative Weimaraner traits such as counter surfing, separation anxiety, etc. She has been the sweetest, most patient, most accepting, loving dog I've ever had. Everybody is her friend. As she enters her senior years (she's 12), she still loves a good game of keep away from her little Border Collie buddy, and they both enjoy their walks along the lake.

Duke was rescued in April of 2019. He is 9 years old, and I believe his owner surrendered him to the right place. He was fostered by a very nice young man and we loved Duke from the minute we laid eyes on him. Duke joins his Weimaraner sister Daphne, age 9 and 4- year old mini dachshund Lenny. Duke’s dad is a doctor and Duke accompanies him to see patients, making everyone smile! We are so grateful for him. He’s a goofy, but very good boy!

In February 2020, Douglas was found roaming the
country roads in Tulare County.  Thanks to NCWR, I
took him immediately to the veterinarian where he
weighed in at 37 pounds, had parasites and a
diaphragmatic hernia.   A month later, he’d gained
enough weight to have his much-needed surgery and
has thrived ever since. Doug gets to run on the 80-acre
ranch where I work, and go on evening walks with his
doggie cousins. He loves to ride in the front seat on our
road trips, and sleeps at the foot of my bed.  Dougie is
a sweet “old soul”, even though his approximate age is
three.   He has brought joy and laughter to our family,
and we’re so grateful to NCWR! 

Our son named her Hope after hearing her sad story. She was found lying on the streets of Tijuana, near death, having given up all “Hope." NCWR managed to get her to a vet and then across the border for ongoing, almost daily, vet care. We fostered her with a cast from toe to elbow, tick-borne disease, many skin sores, missing, loose and rotting teeth. She clearly had given birth to many litters. Now we are "foster failures"; Hope's our lively fur baby and our newest family member; she will live the rest of her life feeling safe and loved.

Hudson is a tapestry in work, with threads being woven to create a confident, friendly, fun-loving dog. He came to me as a foster with many fears. Slowly he became more secure as each week passed. He gained fitness and confidence, and displayed love of the outdoors as he joined me running, hiking, and walking. I adopted him July 26 after fostering for three months. Weaving his tapestry takes time, and colors and textures continue to be revealed. He can be playful, and continues to learn obedience and boundaries. His favorite things are zoomies, squirrels, Weimaraner neighbors, runs, and “walkies.”

We adopted Laika in 2011, and she lived a spoiled Weimie life with her Weimie sister Maggie. They roamed the mountains of Utah, the streets of Las Vegas and the counters of their humans….living the best life! Sadly, Laika crossed the rainbow bridge this year, hopefully reuniting with her sister and up to more shenanigans. Thank you Northern California Rescue for giving us years of love and priceless memories!

McLaren has been a joy to have around since joining our family about 3 months ago. He loves his walks, riding in the car, chasing squirrels, and being around his people. He follows us everywhere, especially Mom. He has been a typical Weim since the day we picked him up. This is amazing, given his background, and a testament to NCWR's care and their incredible network of foster families. We tip our hat to McClaren's fosters, the Jamersons, for their commitment and skill in preparing him for adoption.

Putting into 100 words or less how much fun Rome has brought to us since his adoption in August 2019 is impossible. He is perfect in every way! So there really is only one word that needs to be said.... L-O-V-E. Thank you, Northern California Weimaraner Rescue, for this big hunk of beautiful boy!

I adopted Sam in September 2018, and he continues to be a work in progress. We enrolled in the Behavior Program at San Francisco SPCA. During certain situations he can have severe anxiety, almost PTSD, but I have learned his triggers, and through behavior modification, he has become a lot calmer. He loves to snuggle and no longer freaks out in certain situations. He has a terrier mix named Brows, who he runs and chases squirrels with. He also likes picking the fruit from my fig tree, and apples from a friend's tree.

Si brought some foster fun to our family in February 2020. He, of course, worked his magic on our hearts and decided to make our home permanent. Si is excellent at keeping his humans company. His favorite spot is any cave-like space near his people, usually under the desk. He diligently spends his afternoons guarding the back fence from squirrel invasions. Si keeps his younger Weim friend, Zurich, company, and imparts older dog wisdom. Si is irresistibly cute when he does his happy hop and shakes his body around. We are blessed and grateful to have him in our family.