Please be patient as it may take a few days to respond to
your application.

You must complete the entire approval process before
meeting any of our rescue dogs. This process consists of
a phone interview followed by a home visit (during the
pandemic, we’ll ask for photos of your yard instead).

For the safety of adopting families and our rescue dogs,
we do not place dogs in homes with children under 5​
years old unless it is a puppy or the dog has a known,
positive history of living with babies & toddlers.

Our ideal home:

– little or no alone time
– vigorous exercise every day
– lots of family activity
– a minimum of a small potty yard attached to the house
with a 6 foot high fence

Our adoption fees vary per adoption but range from
nothing to $700 depending on many factors but
primarily the dog’s age. Sometimes we need to spend
very little on vet care, rehab etc. & sometimes we spend
thousands to give a Weim a chance at a happy life.

If we based our fees on our costs for each dog
respectively, young healthy dogs with small fees would
be quite easy to place. Older dogs with issues and huge
fees however would be very hard to place. Similar to
insurance, our fee structure spreads our costs over all
our rescues to make sure every dog finds a forever home.


Michael Ayers – President & Web Master
                                  Shiffra Steele – Vice President & Placement Coordinator
Teres Mongrain Wynn – Treasurer
Joanne Menapace – Secretary
Dianne Venzon – Board Member & PR Czarina
Kathy Dunn -Board Member & Event Caterer
Melanie Diamond – Board Member
Rachel Vitorelo – Board Member & Shelter Coordinator
Mitzi Phillips – Board Member & Foster Coordinator
Kristina de la Cuesta –  Board Member & Foster Coordinator
Kelly Bagley – Board Member & Intake Coordinator
Myth Srsic- Board Member

Surrendering your Weimaraner

If your Weimaraner meets all of these criteria, we
can probably find him/her a new forever home:

– in Northern California
– pure bred or Weim mix other than pit
– no history of dog or human aggression
– moderate or no medical issues

Each case will be carefully considered. We will do
whatever we can to help deserving dogs.

Please email us at NCWRinfo@googlegroups.com,
call us at 925-385-5275 or
call or text Myth at 415-305-4710

If you are concerned about a
Weimaraner in a shelter, please contact




PO Box 1125
Middletown CA 95461