Nova was being fostered by an extended family member until it became apparent that her original family did not want her back.  Nova
was then surrendered to NCWR & that's when Nova's luck began to change!  Nova so impressed her Foster Family with her intelligence &
sweet nature, that they decided to make her a permanent family member.

Now Nova & her Weim "bro", Hunter enjoy hanging out with their Stay-at-Home Mom, doing errands with her & going on walks in their El
Dorado Hills neighborhood.  Best wishes for a happy life Nova!

Ollie was purchased through a CraigsList ad when he was a puppy but Mom was not prepared for this high energy pup.  He was kept
outside & had very little training. His Mom wanted the best for him so he was surrendered to NCWR.  Lucky for Ollie, his new Dad had
been waiting for just the right companion for 2 years.  The wait was worth it as they are a perfect match!

Dad says that Ollie is a handsome boy & a real sweetheart.   His full name is Mr Oliver the Handsome Boy!  Did I mention the Paradise that
is Ollie's new home?  It's on 7 fenced acres with his own small lake.   Way to land on your paws Ollie!

Handsome young Boone was surrendered to NCWR when his guardian lost her home but lucky for Boone, his new Mom was looking for a
companion just like him & they are a perfect fit!  Mom & Boone are getting along fabulously & Mom says he really is a perfect dog & has so
much love to give!  Mom is a good judge of Weimaraners, having had this breed for over 35 years.

Mom & Boone run & walk twice a day & also have several off leash opportunities in their Castro Valley neighborhood.  Boone is a perfect
gentleman when they run & matches his Mom's stride.  Boone will also have playdates with his new Great Dane friend at Alston Dog Park
in Napa.  NCWR couldn't be happier for Boone & his new Mom!

Belle's family has had her since she was a puppy  but as they were moving to Hawaii, they decided to rehome her.  Belle's new Dad was
looking for a dog to treat as a queen & a Weimaraner was his dream dog so he was elated to adopt her!

Belle' s new Dad found himself without a dog for the first time in his entire life & was looking for a companion to be with 24/7.  Dad &
Belle will play fetch in their spacious back yard in Vallejo & have romps with Belle's new Bestie, an 8 month old Australian Shepherd mix
who visits weekly.  Dad says he loves her so much already!

4 year old Blue moved to California from Texas to live with family temporarily, but a family member was allergic to dogs so Blue was
surrendered to NCWR.  Blue's very experienced foster parents & Weimaraner lovers were failed fosters almost from the start as Blue is a
charmer!  Blue & the resident Weim girl, Belle were immediate pals & get along great!

Mom says that Blue is a beautiful, sweet boy & is already happy & comfortable in his new home!  Mom & Dad say it's a little crowded on
the bed! That's what we like to hear!

Jaeger totally charmed his Foster Parents who have decided that they couldn't imagine life without him!  Jaeger was surrendered by his
guardians who owned a boarding & training facility but neglected to fully socialize him.

Mom & Dad work from home so Jaeger never has to be alone.  Jaeger & his new family enjoy their Truckee neighborhood & water sports
around Lake Tahoe.  Mom says that Jaeger is such a good, sweet boy & has completely embraced his new home!

This handsome Blue puppy was surrendered to NCWR when his previous guardians realized that they were not prepared for the high
activity level of a young Weimaraner boy. But his new Weim experienced parents knew just what they wanted & that was Axl Rose!

Axl now has the dream life of travelling with his new Mom & Dad & visiting other Weimaraners for playdates.  Dad & Axl work on
obedience daily, so that he can continue to be a great companion & family dog.  Mom & Dad say Axl is such a good boy with a fun
personality & they feel blessed to have him.  Axl & family take daily hikes near their Redding home.  Hugs to you, Axl!

Moby was surrendered to NCWR when his family lost their income.  But Moby could not have found a more perfect family who was ready
to dote on him!  Moby's new family includes a human playmate & a Work-from-Home Mom & Dad! Mom says Moby is well behaved & a doll

Moby & his new family will enjoy a lot of hiking & running on Mt Tam from their Mill Valley home.  NCWR couldn't be happier for Moby...he
is a true family dog & companion!

10 year old Kiki was surrendered to NCWR because her guardian had to care for his elderly relatives but Kiki has landed nicely on her feet
(paws!) in a wonderful home that welcomes the senior girls!  Her new Mom works from home so Mom & Kiki will be inseparable.  Kiki will
have many daily walks & has not one, but two sunny decks for her sunbathing pleasure!

As Mom has supported the Weim Country Gala for years by donating her snuggly fleece blankets, we're sure that Kiki will have her own
"wardrobe" of blankies, just for her.  Wait until Kiki discovers the family cabin!  Bonus!  Mom says they are VERY happy that Kiki has
joined the family!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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~~~~~NEW NORMAL~~~~~

Because of the virus, we have few dogs to place and lots of applications
allowing us to be quite picky.  Our perfect home is one where the dog
will have little or no alone time, good daily exercise and Weim
experience.  If your dog will be alone more than an occassional 1 or 2
once you return to work, we will not place a dog with you.
Meet Max!  Max is a sweet five year old male that was surrendered
to us as an outdoor only dog. His owner felt he needed more
attention and asked us to step in.  He required some routine vet care
and is now ready to find his forever home.  Max loves being in the
house with his wonderful foster family so much, he would rather not
share with another dog; so he really needs to be the only pup in the
home.  He is friendly and sweet with all adults, but is unknown with
younger children so we are seeking an adopter with teens or older
kids only, and no kitties.  Max is active and strong, and enjoys daily
exercise typical of his breed. He has had enough alone time in his
young life so would benefit from someone to hang out with most of
the time.  His adoption fee is $500.  If you think you can provide him
the early holiday gift of a new home, please fill out an
Meet sweet Gunner! He is a 9 year old male that looks and acts much
younger so don’t let his age fool you!  He was found as a stray, very thin,
and ended up at a shelter. Gunner’s luck soon changedas he is now in one
of NCWR’s wonderful foster homes where he is putting on weight and
getting healthy.  Gunner is very sensitive and loving and is enjoying the
company of the humans in his foster home and that of his foster Weim
sister.  He would love a forever home with a female dog companion.  
Gunner’s foster family reports that he loves to play fetch and will even
bring the ball back!  He is smart and learns quickly and has already
learned sit, hi-five, shake and down.  He is very treat motivated so
additional training will be enjoyable for him. Gunner is very strong,
especially for his age, and he is currently perfecting his leash walking
skills.  His history is unknown as to cats and small children so we are
looking for a home without kitties or young kids.  His adoption fee is $300.  
If you are interested in adopting dear Gunner, please fill out an