Siree had been with her family since she was a puppy, but shortly decided that they could not give her the attention she
craved. They rehomed her with friends where she lived for a few years. Siree's life there was even worse there, as she
was left alone all day & was over fed to the tune of 20 lbs. Her previous family took her back a year ago & tried to give
her more attention. They ran with her & slimmed her down, but still thought she needed more attention than they could
provide & finally surrendered her to NCWR. But NCWR had the perfect home just waiting for Siree! Her new family with
Stay-at-Home Mom & Dad, also includes a Weimaraner boy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback boy & a kitty! When Siree is not
sleeping on the bed, she & her brothers will go to the beach for daily romps on their beachfront property on acreage in
Washington & hike on the nearby trails. Siree & her pack will accompany the family on vacations in their Fifth Wheel.
She is doing great & very comfortable in her new home & her new pack accepted her immediately. Mom says Siree is a
really smart & very affectionate dog. They love her already!

Missy was a stray, but now she is Missy JJ & the Queen of her home in San Francisco! Missy JJ is enjoying her new
playmate, Rocco, a 13 year old Miniature Pinscher boy. Her Dads say she is an angel, a beauty & a sweetheart. Missy JJ &
Rocco will keep Dad company while he works from home & go to Fort Funston with their dog walker. They will also
take walks around the neighborhood, play at the beach, play fetch & go for car rides.

Once a stray, now a Queen in her Furever Home! 4/9
Grey, AKA Grau, was picked up as a stray several times & finally rescued from a vacant apartment. Grey is an old soul
with a calm, sweet & friendly nature. He is now in his perfect Furever Home in Olivehurst with his new Mom & Dad, 2
human playmates & Enya, an 11 year old Weimaraner girl. Mom Says Grey was a pleasure right from the start. He
adores Enya & likes to lick her face! Grey likes to follow the kids & Enya around, enjoys being outside & playing with
stuffed toys. He bonded with Grandad immediately, who lives next door, but his new "Besty" is his human playmate, who
has already claimed him! His family loves camping & fishing, hiking & exploring. When they are home, Grey & Enya can
romp on their Grandparents acreage next door. They will also will accompany the family to the kid's soccer games.
Mom says where ever we go, the dogs go!We are so happy for you Grey!

Missy was a stray, but now she is Missy JJ & the Queen of her home in San Francisco! Missy JJ is enjoying her new
playmate, Rocco, a 13 year old Miniature Pinscher boy. Her Dads say she is an angel, a beauty & a sweetheart. Missy JJ &
Rocco will keep Dad company while he works from home & go to Fort Funston with their dog walker. They will also
take walks around the neighborhood, play at the beach, play fetch & go for car rides.Once a stray, now a Queen in her
Furever Home!

Kado has had a whirlwind life. He was adopted by a family in the military in Japan &, moved back to the US with them.
Unfortunately, Kado's family relocated to an apartment & surrendered him to NCWR. He was adopted by a family, but
the family split up & he stayed with Dad. Fast forward to Dad's new family & Kado was surrendered again. Kado's
former Mom realized that Kado has been surrendered & said "That's my dog!". We are happy to announce that Kado
has been reunited with his Mom & 3 human playmates, who couldn't be happier to have Kado! Kado also as  a new
playmate, Milo, a 9 1/2 year old GSP rescue boy.

One year old Stormy  AKA Sunny  is a cute Weim mix girl that was found as a stray & ultimately wound up in a shelter.
After 2 weeks in one of NCWR's most amazing foster homes, Stormy emerged as a  “wiggly, loving & absolutely adorable
people dog”!  Stormy didn't know what to think of her 2 new Weimaraner rescue brothers in her new home in Santa
Cruz, but now Stormy & her new brother Loki, play constantly. Mom says Stormy is an amazing girl!

Tully was picked up as a stray & was suffering from a dislocated rear leg. After lots of TLC & recuperating at his Foster
Home, he was ready for a Furever Home! Tully's new Mom read his story & drove from Oregon to add him to their
family. Tully's new family includes Nash, an 11 year old Weimaraner boy. Tully & Nash will have so much fun romping
on the 5 acre property, going for walks, playing frisbee, going for car rides & swimming in the river. Mom says are Tully
is working out great & says that Tully is the most mellow Weimaraner she has met!

Maggie, formerly Bluebell, has a  "Rags to Riches" story to tell!  Found as a stray, Maggie has now found Paradise on 5
acres in Lotus, with a 12 year old Dane/lab cross girl & Cali, a 6 month old 6 Weimaraner /lab cross girl. Mom says
Maggie is doing great with her new sisters & especially puppy Cali, who now has a sister to play with! Mom also says
watching the girls run the acreage is absolutely beautiful to watch. When the girls are not romping on the property, they
will go on trips to the river & play fetch with their Stay-at-Home uncle!

Lucy was adopted as a puppy by long time Weimaraner parents, but found that in their Golden Years, they were no
longer equipped to handle a bouncing baby girl! But Lucy is a lucky puppy, now on 15 acres in Junction City with Stay-at-
Home Mom & Dad, IzzyBella, their 9 year old Weimaraner girl, a kitty & a horse! Lucy's next door neighbor is year old
Cooper, adopted from NCWR in November, 2017, who is ready to play at any time! When Lucy & IzzyBella are not busy
playing, they will go on walks, go boating & follow Mom & Dad around "helping" them do ranch jobs!

Neska was surrendered by her owner's brother when when her owner was deployed overseas. NCWR found her a loving
Foster Home, who ultimately fell in love with her! Dad is quite smitten with Neska & loves teaching her new tricks!  Mom
says Neska is very, very sweet! Neska's new family also includes 11 year old Elvis, adopted from NCWR in 2017. Neska &
Elvis will enjoy walks & hikes with the family near their Concord home!

Jason's previous owner brought him to his vet with a severely swollen, infected, right rear leg. The bill was not paid the
bill, including a past balance so he was surrendered to the shelter & placed on hold while they contacted the owner. The
shelter staff cared for Jason & tended to his injuries while they waited for his owner to reclaim him. Sadly, Jason’s owner
never materialized. Poor Jason then developed a slow growing cancer with a poor prognosis. So Jason's Foster Mom
decided he could live out his life with her & her 2 8 year old Weimaraners at their Fresno home. Mom says Jason is a very
sweet boy, who enjoys going for walks, “helping” in the garden & cuddling with his new family. Jason & his housemates
like to spend their time walking, going to the beach, playing fetch, swimming in their pool & also visiting their Santa Cruz
home for serious beach time!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
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Six year old Monty is a super sweet Weim boy, who found himself
needing a new home
after the death of his human. But lucky Monty
is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes. Monty gets along
well with all of the humans (including children) and the dogs in his
foster home. However, Monty has no experience with cats that we
are aware of. Monty does great on leash, enjoys going to the dog park
and playing with his toys. He also knows some basic commands and
loves treats, so he is ready to go to obedience classes, learn more
skills and bond with his new family! He is neutered, house trained
and up to date on vaccines. Monty does have Addison’s disease, so he
will need life-long medications, but we have been told that this
disorder is easily controlled. If you are interested in adopting Monty,
please fill out an
Jack and Jill are less than one year old. However, their short lives were filled with neglect.
They came to rescue very thin and ill. But these cuties are ready put all of that behind them
now that they are in the caring hands of NCWR! Jill remains blind in one eye, but that does not
stop her. She is just full of spunk and playfulness! Jack is just a love machine that craves belly
rubs. Both will win your heart with their natural, long, wiggly tails! They are ready to place
into a loving home, but will need twice weekly baths for a few more weeks for a skin
condition. They do well on leash and both are treat-motivated, so they are ready to learn
obedience skills and bond with their new family. We would love to place Jack and Jill together
in the same home.  We are looking for someone who is home much of the time and wants a
ready-made pack. Jack and Jill would do best in a home without the stimulation of other dogs.
We don’t know how Jack and Jill are with cats or young children, so we are looking for a home
for them without either. Jack and Jill are neutered/spayed and up to date on vaccines. Their
adoption fee is $550 each or $900 as a pair.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting this
adorable pair, please fill out an
Meet seven year old Sam! He was adopted from a shelter but it turned out
that Sam has separation anxiety and became destructive when separated
from his humans 8 -10 hrs a day, His family called upon NCWR to find a
home for him where he could get more attention and be part of the action.
Sam is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes. Sam’s foster family
says that Sam is great with people and will bond quickly with his family.  
Sam has some basic obedience skills, good recall and is working on
perfecting his leash walking skills. Sam is an expert counter surfer and his
foster family is working on that with him.  Sam can be a bit dominant with
other dogs, so he would do best in a home without other dogs to compete
with. Sam is house trained, neutered and up to date on vaccines.  His
adoption fee is $300.  If you are interested in adopting Sam and making him
part of your family, please fill out an
Manni is a beautiful, young
who will be available
soon to foster! If you are
interested in helping these
dogs by fostering, we always
need help!  Fee TBD. If you're
interested in fostering or
adopting Manni, please submit
Three year old, Gunner,  was brought to a shelter by an
owner who relocated him to a ranch while remodeling and
Gunner was having too much fun chasing the goats
around.  No goats were harmed!  So this healthy, neutered,
young male is in need of a energetic household that will
give him the workout he needs and teach him better
manners. It seems he has been ignored and would benefit
from an obedience class and bonding with his new
humans.  Gunner is good with other dogs and older
children.  We don’t know how he is with kitties, so a kitty
free home is best for him.  His adoption fee is $450.  If you
think Gunner might be a match for your household,  please
fill out an
FERRIS is an approximately 7 year old handsome male Weimaraner. He
first came to NCWR in 2015 when he was found as a stray. He was
adopted soon after, but lifestyle changes have forced his owner to
re-homed him.  Ferris is doing great in his foster home and we are getting
great feedback on all Ferris has to offer! He loves people, is very calm and
is described as a "total cuddle bunny". He knows his basic obedience,
getting a refresher on his leash skills and is even learning some advanced
commands.  While we know Ferris is good with cats, we are still observing
his behavior with other dogs. He seems "interested" in them...but prefers
being with his people and playing with his squeaky toys instead. He is
neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Fostered in San
Francisco. His adoption fee is $300.  If you would love to have this "cuddle
bunny" join your home, please mention Ferris in your