Twelve year old Elton Gray was surrendered to an LA shelter because he was old. When neither Southern California
rescue would would claim him, NCWR stepped in. He appears to have suffered from a lifetime neglect, with two large
masses & a fungal skin condition. But Elton Gray hit the rescue jackpot with a loving home in Sacramento & a Mom who
cooks for him! Elton Gray shares his home with Sammy the Chocolate lab & Max the Whippet. Elton & his new pack will
enjoy walks, going visiting, camping, going to the pet store & the groomers.

LadyBug had been with her family since she was a puppy, but when her owner passed away she was surrendered to
NCWR. LadyBug is now in her Furver Home in Hayward where she will be a Pampered Princess! LadyBug & her new
Mom will take daily walks & she will be Mom's constant companion. Mom says LadyBug likes to be covered up with
blankets when she is lounging.

Jason is undergoing medical treatment & will remain in his foster home until further notice.

Chip had been ignored & left outside to his own devices, so he routinely escaped & had been in the shelter several times.
His former family finally surrendered him after his last escapade. Chip joins the NCWR alumni that charmed their Foster
Family into keeping them! Mom says Chip is here to stay! Carmen, adopted from NCWR in 2012 likes him & Briar,
adopted from NCWR in 2010, likes having a playmate. The pack enjoys daily walks, visits to the nearby parks in Rocklin
& the beach, rides in the truck, visits to Grandma's house & baseball games! They are true family members & will
accompany the family on their many adventures!

Cooper is a happy, playful young boy who needed more supervision & exercise than his former family could give him.
Lucky for Cooper, he has the ideal home now in Junction City. Dad is retired, so he can devote all of his time to Cooper!
Cooper has his own woods on 3 1/2 acres, that leads to a walking trail. And just to make it even more perfect, he has a
Weimaraner girl playmate next door on 25 acres for their romping pleasure!

JoJo had been with her family since she was a puppy & lived in a dog run for most of her life. She was surrendered when
she was 6 years old as no one had time to exercise, socialize or train her. But JoJo's life has just become magical with a
new Weimaraner savvy family in Palo Alto who will devote their time solely to her! Dad works from home & wanted the
companionship of a Weimaraner & a new running partner! Mom says they are so excited to give JoJo the loving home
she so deserves!

Divo the whippet has found his new forever home.

Jaxson's previous owner bought two puppies from a breeder but found that she was very allergic to them so they were
surrendered to NCWR.  Puppy Jaxson will now have an amazing life on 3 1/2 acres in Carmel Valley with a new family
that includes a 14 1/2 deaf Aussie girl & a 13 1/2 blind Bichon.  Jaxson will patrol the fabulous equestrian property, help
feed the horses, keep on eye on the chickens in their coop & keep Mom & Dad company while they work from home!
Their activities will include hikes & doggy play dates!

Brody's previous owner bought two puppies from a breeder, but found that she was very allergic to them, so they were
surrendered to NCWR. But Brody is about to have a magical life with a new family that was grieving for their beloved 12
year old Weimaraner girl, Misty. Brody will keep Grandpa company while Mom & Dad work. Their activities will include
walks, hiking in the hills & playing fetch around their home in Dixon. But won't Brody be surprised when Dad takes him
in the field to point birds!

Phoebe's owner purchased her from a breeder as a puppy, but did not research the breed characteristics. They were
expecting a low-key dog that would adjust to life in an apartment! With insufficient exercise & training, Phoebe
developed true Weimaraner nature, typical in every way. Weren't they surprised! Phoebe is now adored & appreciated
for who she is & in a home where her every Weimaraner attribute is nurtured. She loves "Big Brother" Luca, a 4 year old
Weimaraner boy. Phoebe & Luca will go everywhere with Mom & Dad & enjoy socializing & going on hikes & walks near
their Napa home!

Gunner was abandoned by his family when they moved. The new renter contacted Gunner's previous owner, who said
said they did not want Gunner anymore. The current owner thought she could keep him, but she felt his energy was too
much for her, although he is super sweet in every way! But Gunner has lucked out with a perfect  home, tailor made for
him. His new family includes Mom & Dad, 2 human playmates, 2 year old Blue, the Weimaraner boy & Bo, the 3 year old
"Morkie". We think Gunner will adjust well to his new life of sleeping in the bed with Mom & Dad, playing at the Dog
Park & visiting Folsom Lake. Dad says that Gunner's new family in Roseville is beyond attached already & that it feels
like Gunner has been part of the family forever.
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
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The 2018 NCWR Calendar
Meet 6 year old Monty! This sweet Weim boy found himself
needing a new home after the death of his human. But lucky Monty
is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes. Monty is a sweet
boy, who gets along well with all of the humans (including children)
and the dogs in his foster home. We have been told that he gets
along well with dogs of all sizes, but will chase cats. We have also
been told that Monty enjoys going to the dog park. His foster mom
says that he knows some basic commands and loves treats, so he is
ready to practice obedience and learn more! Monty also does
wonderfully on leash and enjoys playing with toys. He is neutered,
house trained and up to date on vaccines. Monty does have Addison’
s disease, so he will need life-long medications.  If you are
interested in adopting Monty, please fill out an
Maverick is just 1 year old and was picked up as a stray. He was
taken to a shelter, who contacted NCWR to help him find a
wonderful home. He is a lovely golden color and may be mixed
with Ridgeback, Viszla or Labrador Retriever. In the boarding
facility, Maverick was initially rather timid and seemed to prefer
interacting with women, rather than men. They also found him to
be a bit hesitant with new experiences, but he is doing great and
making wonderful progress! Now, all he needs is a home to call his
own, where he can be loved, nurtured and continue to build
confidence! He is neutered and up to date on vaccines. If you are
interested in fostering or adopting Maverick and making 2018 the
best year ever for him, please fill out an
Meet 11 year old Jack! He lived much of his life as an outdoor dog along with a dog
companion. However, his dog friend passed, which left Jack very lonely. Jack’s family
called upon NCWR to find a home for him where he could get more attention and be
part of the family. Lucky Jack is now in one of NCWR’s amazing foster homes. His
foster mom says that Jack does great with all people, but is particularly fond of men.
He also does great with all other dogs at daycare and loves to greet other dogs at play
time and when out for walks. In the home, Jack can be a bit dominant with other
dogs, so he would do great in a home with a submissive dog friend – a female might
be best. He is house trained and takes treats super gently! He knows the “sit”
command and is working on his leash walking skills with his foster mom. Jack has
some benign lipomas that are characteristic of the breed. We had the larger lipomas
removed and Jack’s foster mom says that he now has more energy than ever! If you
are interested in adopting this nice Weim boy, please fill out an