JoJo was adopted from the shelter by an older couple & returned 3 days later, as he was too active for them. But lucky for
JoJo, he was just what his new parents were looking for! JoJo, loves his new playmates, Farrah, a 10 yr old Weimaraner girl
& especially Indi, a 3 yr old Weimaraner boy. JoJo's new home is on acreage on Arroyo Grande, near the beach which he
visits daily with his new buds"!  JoJo & his new family will also enjoy weekly hikes on many of the local trails & weekly
fishing trips.  JoJo, Farrah & Indi spend all day with Work-at-Home Dad, helping him in the yard & having organic snacks
while Dad has his lunch. JoJo & his playmates are very social & go everywhere with Dad, even restaurants!
After a fun filled day, JoJo & his new family all sleep together in the bed & dream of the next great day of being together!
Odin was bought as a puppy, but travel & work schedules made it difficult to give Odin the attention he needed. But if there
was ever a Mr. Cinderella story, this is one! ONE of Odin's new homes is on a 100 acre ocean side ranch in Big Sur. His
other home, complete with roof garden, is in San Francisco! Dad says Odin is doing really well & says he loves his daily 5
mile walks & is great with everyone he meets. They are already so bonded that Odin hates being away from his new Dad!
Dad says he is totally enjoying the companionship of this lovely, gentle boy! Odin will enjoy lots of hiking, running on the
beach & training sessions with Dad & a professional trainer.

Levi was a stray, but is now one of the lucky NCWR alumni who has found a wonderful home! Levi has a new family with a
Mom, a Work-at-Home Dad & Molly, adopted from NCWR in 2013. Levi's new Dad says Levi is a content, happy & healthy
boy & a love bug. Dad says he’s a fantastic boy & they love him already! Levi & his new family go for daily walks & runs in
their Brentwood neighborhood. The entire family will enjoy trips to their home in Tahoe for boating & hiking fun!

Luca was surrendered by his owner, as he does not play well with small dogs. Luca now has a great home which suits him
just fine!  He has 3 (large!) housemates: Ruke, a 6 year old Weimaraner boy, & Morgaine & Shasta, two 13 year old Lab
mix girls. Luca has plenty of open space to romp as his new home backs up to the Redwoods in Eureka! Luca's Mom
adores him & says he is learning manners, gaining confidence & blossoming every day!

Buddy (AKA Rocket), was brought to the shelter by his Senior Citizen owners who said he was unmanageable. But Buddy
was just a sweet boy, with lots of energy who needed patience & a good leader. Buddy's new Dad is just that & has 25 years
of being a Weimaraner Dad to prove it! Dad says Buddy is a good boy & doing well. He loves their long walks through their
Napa neighborhoods & sleeping in the bed! Buddy will be on the job with Dad, a Winery Manager, whether they work from
home or travel. For fun, they'll visit Alston Park, visit Dillon beach & go hiking. Buddy is a lucky boy!

When faced with delivering Cyrus to his Foster Home, Cyrus's family decided they could not part with him. We are so
happy for Cyrus!

Scout's owners bought him when he was a puppy but have never really had the time to train or exercise him. But young
Scout is now in good hands now with a well-experienced Dad who knows just what he needs to become the great dog he
was always meant to be.  Scout's new dream home is in an Alpine enclave near Lake Tahoe with acreage to romp on! He
has new housemates as well, both NCWR Alumni, Winston adopted in 2018 & Ruby adopted in 2013.  Scout will have a
great life playing, swimming & hiking with his new family! We are all so happy for Scout!

The story of Jill has a true Fairy Tale ending...

Jill & her brother Jack were confiscated following an animal neglect investigation. The year old littermates suffered from a
host of problems including skin conditions & mobility issues. Just when Jill started to blossom, she managed to slip out of
her collar & was hit by a car. After surgeries & physical therapy to repair her hip, she was adopted by one of NCWR's most
beloved Guardian Angels & a Former Adopter of the Year. Jill's new parents have adopted several special needs dogs
including Sage, a Senior Dog who was recovering from heartworm. Jill is now romping like the puppy she is & enjoying life
in her new home in Red Bluff, with "brother", Hansel,  adopted from NCWR in January 2017!

Moby's owner surrendered him to NCWR in anticipation of an elderly family member coming to stay & worried that his
puppy energy level would get him into trouble! Moby's new Mom says that Moby is an adorable moose & that he is doing
well in his new home in Saratoga. Moby can look forward to daily walks, going for rides with Dad & taking ​
weekly trips to the beach.

Manny was picked up as a stray & from his very thin appearance, he seems to been on his own for awhile. But his new
Mom & Dad are lifetime Weimaraner owners & are dedicated to bringing this sweet boy back to his full potential. Mom &
Dad are retired so Manny will have lots of play time, walks & hikes near their Sonoma home. Mom & Dad say  
"Weimaraner's are our life! ".

CoCo Chanel has hit the Rescue Jackpot! She was bought as a young puppy, but her owner soon realized that having a
young puppy did not coincide well with a having a 12 hour day work schedule! CoCo has a dream life now in a San
Francisco home with a large yard, next to the beach. She has a loving family, a Stay-at-Home Mom & a new "Big Brother",
Otto, the German Short Haired Pointer! CoCo has already had her 1st beach romp & loves retrieving! CoCo & Otto will visit
the beach often & take twice daily walks in the Presidio. Coco can look forward to frequent trips to Tahoe, for family
hikes. At the end of a fun filled day, she'll have bedtime snuggles with Mom & Dad. NCWR is so happy for CoCo Chanel!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
Meet seven year old SAMMY! Sammy is a people
lover & wasn't getting the attention he craved so he
was surrendered to NCWR. He is doing great in one of
NCWR's most treasured foster homes. Sammy goes to
doggy day care & enjoys playing with a small circle of
friends there. He loves going to restaurants & shops,
has some basic obedience skills & good recall. Sammy
would do well as a companion to a non-dominant
dogmate.  Sammy is neutered & up to date on
vaccines. His adoption fee is $300. If you are
interested in adopting Sammy & making him part of
your family, please fill out an
MAYA is a lovely, energetic 9 year old female who was brought to a
shelter with her partner in crime for chasing the goats around when
she was moved from her backyard to the ranch.  She was raised with
children and has been in foster care with a doggie home so she’s one
well-rounded girl!  Maya is a sponge for attention, bringing toys to her
human for play.  Foster dad has completely brushed Maya up on indoor
potty protocol as she wasn’t sure at first. We think she and her pal were
kept outdoors most of the time.  We are looking for a family with time to
give her exercise, playtime and snuggles on the couch.  Maya is spayed
and up to date on all her vaccines and is heartworm negative.  Maya is
being fostered in Berkeley.  Her adoption fee is $200.  If you would like
to meet Maya, please submit an
As your beloved
one nears end of
life, here is a
wonderful way to
keep an image of
them close to your
heart, a sterling
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SIRROCK is a 6 year old male Blue Weimaraner who was obtained as a puppy by his previous owner.  A
recent unplanned move left Sirrock in need of a new home so family members contacted us to help.  
Clearly he was in need of some vet care as  his nails were so long he had a hard time walking.  His ears
were both very infected and he screamed if they were touched.  His teeth needed cleaning and he had a
golf ball sized lipoma on his chest.  All of his vaccinations were years past due.  NCWR immediately
responded and took care of everything and now he loves showing off his pearly whites with a big smile!

His foster mom says he is a very sweet boy who's main goal is to sleep at anyone's feet!  He is great with
everyone; kids, other dogs, and even leaves the chickens alone.  Cats are unknown at this time.  He'll hang
out and follow the other dogs around but always staying close to Mom. He is a perfect gentleman in the
home and uses the doggie door like a champ!  He could use a little training with leash walking and prefers
other dogs not steal his petting time...but other than that, Sirrock is close to perfect!

If you are looking for an adult Weim but are hoping for one that is not extremely energetic, then you may
want to meet Sirrock.  Warning: he may just steal your heart!  His adoption fee is $350.  If you would like
to meet him, please submit an