Puppy Vinny was unceremoniously dumped in a Stockton neighborhood & wandered around until he was found by
neighbors who were very familiar with Weimaraners. Vinny's new Dad was looking for a rescue dog that he could help, so
this was a perfect match! Vinny & his new playmate, 5 year old Weimaraner girl, Sierra love playing together already &
going for exercise in their Modesto neighborhood.

Samantha was adored by her former family who was displaced by the recent fires. But lucky Samantha has a new family &
a new playmate, the youngster Jaxson, adopted from NCWR last October. Samantha will be a pampered member of the
family with Mom & Dad who work from home. When Jaxson & Samantha are not romping on the beach, they will enjoy
many good play sessions on their acreage in Carmel.

Garth came to NCWR with a familiar story... an adorable 8 month Weimaraner boy who was not getting the exercise &
training he needed to become a well mannered family member. Now he is a happy boy with his new family who knows
exactly what young Garth needs! Garth's new family includes his adoring Mom, a retired Dad & 2 girls, rescued from NWR,
Bella & Kaia. Garth & his girls happily romp on acreage in Meridian. Their favorite activity is following Dad on his ATV for
2 hour long runs a day!

Gus aka Goose was acquired as a puppy to be a companion to their Silver Lab. As their current Lab was still intact, they
never became playmates  so Gus was surrendered to NCWR.   Gus is a social guy & has a neighborhood pack of playmates.  
Gus & his active family love the hiking trails & dog parks near their San Jose home.  Dad says Gus loves walking his human
playmates to school & back as well as evening story time around the fire pit!

Logan's Dad did not have enough time for him & Logan just wanted a family to call his own. Logan's new Dad was so
excited that he dropped everything to drive to California to take Logan home to Tuscon! Logan couldn't be happier with
his new family, Mom & Dad, who are home all day & the girls, Savannah, a 10 year old Cockapoo & Chloe, an 8 month old
Standard Poodle!   Tucson is a dog friendly town swith a 130 mile walking/bike trail that the family frequents. They will
also enjoy the many parks, restaurants & cafes. We are so happy that Logan is home for good!

Sammy & his Border Collie housemate Maggie were surrendered to the shelter by their elderly owner who could not care
for them any longer. Sammy & Maggie were placed together but their new family was not prepared for Sammy's
Separation Anxiety. A very loving Foster Family gave NCWR the luxury of waiting several months for the perfect Furever
Home. Sammy is now in a loving home with his new Mom, who says,  "When I adopt a dog, I adopt them for life, theirs &
mine!". Lucky Sammy!  He is enjoying the walking trails & Dog Parks near his Gold River home. Sammy likes sleeping with
Mom, riding in the car & playing fetch with his favorite hedgehog toy. He likes going to restaurants & Mom says he has
great manners!.   Mom says that Sammy is acclimating quite well & getting along very nicely with Brows, the 2 year old
Terrier mix boy. He also has a new pack of 4 playmates that the family will visit monthly, so they can visit the nearby
beaches.  Sammy & Mom are bonding & his favorite thing is to follow her around. Mom says Sammy does the usual things
that makes Weimaraners so endearing!

Pretty girl, Daisy, found herself roaming the streets, but those days are over! Daisy will be a pampered part of the family.
Her family knows a great Weimaraner girl when they see one, having adopted from NCWR in 2004, before we even had a
database! Macy Gray was adopted from NCWR in 2004 & was a beloved family member until 2016 & very much missed.
Daisy has 2 human playmates, a new Dad & Mom, who has a flexible schedule so she can accommodate all of Daisy's
needs. Daisy will have a great life spending time with her family in their Oakland home & at their vacation home on the
Russian River. Mom says "We love her already!".

Archer was seized & placed into protective custody with 8 small dogs when their owner died. Archer had been a stray &
was in his home for only 3 months before his owner's death. But Archer has bounced back from this tragic event & Dad
says he is doing great!  Archer has new friends, Lilly, the 10 year old Weimaraner girl & a kitty. Archer & Lilly go hiking &
swimming near their Watsonville home, enjoy playing scent games, frisbee & getting belly rubs. Archer is looking forward
to his first road trip with his new family. Dad says Archer has decided that he is home...

NCWR is thrilled to announce that Maya is finally in the loving home that she has deserved for so long! Maya was
surrendered by her owner with her playmate, Gunner because, they chased goats when the owner moved them to his
ranch. Maya has a new housemate, Bo, the Weimaraner boy & they are starting to play now. Her new Stay-at-Home Dad is
getting Maya back in shape with short walks & they'll work up to running in the field & retrieving her beloved ball! The
family is looking forward to taking Maya on new adventures, traveling to their cabin the Sierras, taking her to Donner
Lake & Lake Berryessa & to the beach in Carmel. Dad says that Maya is a sweet old girl & will be a great dog!

4 year old Juno needed a new family when her Mom lost her home. But with her great personality, looks & obedience skills,
she was a catch & her new family is thrilled with her! Mom & Dad were looking for a playmate for rescue Weimaraner girl,
Stella & Juno loves to play! Juno's new Mom works from home, so she will get lots of attention. The family will enjoy hiking,
running, swimming & going to the Dog Park near their Reno home. Juno & Stella will go to Doggy Daycare occasionally.
Nice landing, Juno!

Rocky's (AKA SirRock) previous Mom moved away & left him with her sister who eventually surrendered him to NCWR.
Rocky had been neglected for some time, as he was surrendered with very long nails & a sizable mass. But Rocky has a new
family & they adore him! His new family & his Foster Mom refer to Rocky as a real gentleman! Rocky is trying his best to
fill the "paws" of the family's past Weimaraner, who lived to be 16 years old. His new family includes 2 human playmates
& a 10 year old kitty. Rocky will enjoy walks with his new family in their Folsom neighborhood, swimming in his own pool
& following his new Stay-at-Home Mom around!

Patton's previous family bought him as a puppy from a breeder, but with 4 kids & a busy schedule, they felt that he needed
more attention than they were prepared to give. The proof that poor Patton was bored, was that he would jump the fence
& sit on the front porch until his family returned home. Now Patton has a great life in Hayward with lots of
companionship! Patton accompanies Mom to work every day & sometimes has a work buddy to play with too! Patton gets
to run in open space several times a day & he is enjoying the exercise.  
Mom says Patton is a great dog! We are all so happy for him!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved
one nears end of
life, here is a
wonderful way to
keep an image of
them close to your
heart, a sterling
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CAIRO is a 5 year old male Weim who was found injured and taken to a shelter. NCWR was contacted and asked if
we could help. Fortunately, he was welcomed into our favorite medical foster home where treatment began right
away. It was determined that this poor boy had been attacked most likely by a pack of dogs, and possibly on more than
one occasion.  Surgery was required to clean and close his many deep bite wounds and he had been healing
wonderfully.  Unfortunately, after some routine testing, it was discovered that Cairo has an enlarged heart and mitral
valve. Sadly, Cairo was given one to two years to live. For now, he is doing well and has more energy due to the daily
medications he will be on for the remainder of his life.

NCWR is hoping for that special "angel" to come forward and give Cairo a safe, loving and happy place to call his last
home. His current foster mom says that he is truly one of the sweetest Weims she has ever known.  He gets along
beautifully with people and other dogs. He does not have any experience with cats or children, so he probably would
do best without them.  Because he is so attached to his people, he will do best in a home where someone is around
most of the day.   If you are willing to give Cairo the love and care he deserves for the rest of his short life, he will give
you so much more in return!   He is currently fostered in Fresno. There is no fee since he is in need of hospice care, and
NCWR is willing to provide reimbursement for his medications.  If you are his angel, please fill out an
                                                           Meet Ariel & Sebastian: The Little Furmaids!

These two wonderfully sweet puppies are considered special-needs, for they both have a form of spinal dysraphism
called Hopper’s Disease. They are a male and a female, born in the same placenta, actually.  Each puppy also has
some bowing of one hind leg, the left on Ariel and the right leg on Sebastian.  It is believed by multiple veterinarians
whom they’ve visited that this was a result of being too close together inside the same placenta.  Their conditions
are non-progressive and they will not be overly limited into and throughout their adult lives, but they will need
physical therapy, especially to help their abductor and adductor muscles in their legs.  As their musculoskeletal
system develops, the puppies are getting stronger and are thriving in foster care.  They were completely
unvaccinated when they arrived in rescue and had only been living outdoors on a patio, and so while they have been
catching up with vaccines, they are not completely potty-trained.  This will be something an adopter must be
committed to understanding, that it may now take more time and a larger commitment to get them on a regular

These puppies will need homes where their families can be devoted to them; in general Weimaraners are most
successful in homes where their family members aren’t leaving them alone for more than maybe a few hours at a
time.  The puppies are fostered in the Phoenix, Arizona area. In the best interest of each puppy, adoptive families
must be willing to travel to and home with their adoptive puppy by car.  If you are interested in one of these very
special pups, please fill out an
                                                                                                     Sweet As Pie!

Pumpkin is all about sweetness at 11 years young.  She had been with her owner since she was a puppy but the woman passed
recently and Pumpkin moved to a family member's home. For several months, she was getting very little attention and was
asked to live in the back yard 24/7 with another dog. Well, Pumpkin did the right thing and protested by whining and barking
and now she is with us!  This girl is amazing; she's gets along with everyone she meets and rolls with the changes. As soon as she
moved into her foster home with a male and a female Weimaraner, she found her position in the pack and settled in.  She has
met a lot of strangers along the way to her foster home and everyone has commented how sweet and pretty she is. Pumpkin's
needs are really simple; love, a comfortable place to relax, regular dog walks, and a dog companion (she kisses and licks the dogs
in her foster home as though they are her pups!) She has plenty of energy and walks well on leash once she is comfortable with
where you are taking her. She enjoys following her dog friends around the yard, going for car rides and taking naps. She has been
around kids age 5 and over, off and on her entire life with no problems. She will chase cats and is curious about small dogs but
she has not been tested with them. If you are looking for a pay-it-forward opportunity, adding Pumpkin to your loving home is an
easy one! Pumpkin is in foster in Concord.  She is spayed, current on vaccines, HW negative and had a complete senior medical
exam.  Her adoption fee is $100.
 Watch her video! If you are interested in adopting Pumpkin, please fill out an application.  
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