When we heard of an emaciated stray that needed immediate attention at a local shelter, I called Douglas's Soon-to-be-Mom. She dropped
everything & came to his rescue!  But his emaciated condition was only the beginning of his problems. A veterinary exam revealed an
abdominal hernia, however, Douglas was in no condition to survive major surgery.  Mom did a great job of getting Douglas healthy &
surgery was scheduled. Douglas miraculously survived the difficult surgery & is now convalescing & getting pampered!

Douglas accompanies Mom to work every day, but Douglas thinks it's play, not work, as the job site is an 80 acre farm in Hanford!
His office mates include his housemate, a 12 year old Miniature Poodle, a Yorkie & a Silky Terrier  So after a long day at work, with twice
daily walks, runs, & playtime, Douglas & Mom head home, where his other housemate is A 10 year old kitty!  They'll also visit family
members near by & play in the orchards!

Si's guardians adopted him from a rescue organization when he was a puppy & they've been a happy family ever since. Now that his
previous Mom & Dad are retired, they wanted to travel more so they felt it was best to re-home Si.  Si was fostered by a very experienced
Weimaraner family who have had Gray Fur Babies for over 20 years & adopted Zurich last year. Si worked his charms on them & they
have now joined our beloved group of Foster Fails!

Mom takes Si & Zurich on walks & runs on the trails near Lake Natoma & they accompany Dad on his bike rides. They also enjoy evenings
walks around their Orangevale neighborhood.  Si is a perfect combination of being calm at home, but active on walks & the best part? Mom
says Si & Zurich seem to really love each other!

Wow, has Habibi's (previously Jeff) life changed! He went from an unwanted shelter dog to a happy, cherished pet in the Paradise that is
Santa Barbara!  Habibi's new family lost their 15 year old Weimaraner boy & needed someone to share their active lifestyle. Mom &
Habibi will take daily 3 mile hikes at the creek & will also enjoy walking to the dog beach.

Mom loves Habibi's regal looks & says he is a happy boy!mmHabibi is already loving the social life in Santa Barbara, walking around the
harbor & the Farmer’s Market. He seems to like all the new attention. Mom says "He is home".

This is a true Cinderella story!

Perla's owner found her when he went to purchase a trailer. This turned about to be perfect timing, as the family selling the trailer was
about to take Perla to the shelter. Perla had had a litter, but the puppies died. After having Perla for a month, her owner decided to sell
her on Craig's List.  When we saw Perla's photo, chained up & with such a sad face, we knew we had to act!

Perla is now in her Furever Home in Fresno & is the reigning Princess! Mom says that Perla is their little Angel & is a great cuddler. She
loves to surprise Mom with kisses!  Perla has new buddies, Monty, rescued in 2018 & their little toy mix girl. She loves everyone she meets!

... & they all lived happily ever after!

Puppy Cannon found himself needing a new home when his guardian was offered the dream job he had been waiting for. Since the job
required a lot of travel, he made the decision that Cannon needed a more suitable home.  And now Cannon has the Dream Home! Otto's
new Dad has had Weimaraners for almost 20 years & life without a Weimaraner companion was unthinkable!

Cannon now shares his Oakland home with his Stay-at-Home Dad & his 8 year old son on the weekends & also, a Bearded Dragon.  Cannon
will be his Dad's constant companion & take twice daily hikes through the Claremont Canyon. Dad & Cannon will attend Obedience
Classes, too!Way to land on your paws Cannon!

Sunny won the Rescue Dog Blue Ribbon when he met his new Mom & Dad! They fell in love with adorable, playful Sunny as soon as they
met him!  Mom & Dad have adopted more than 7 Weimaraners over the past 30 years & recently lost their 12 1/2 year old.
Sunny & Mom & Dad will enjoy exercising near their Citrus Heights home & they are looking forward to traveling with their new "son"!

Heidi has left her life as a kennel dog behind to become a Pampered Princess! Although Heidi is just learning to live in a house, she has
already figured out that following her Mom & Dad around is a good thing!  Heidi is doing great job of filling the Paw Prints left by her
parent's last Weimaraner girl who passed at 13 years old. Their last "Heidi" was one of the first Weimaraners in California, a great hunter
& Flyball Champion!

Heidi & Dad will join their Dog Park group every morning for their daily romp!  Sweet Heidi enjoys snuggling with her new companions,
rescue Chihuahuas, Sophie & Blondie & 16 year old kitties, Mickey & Freddy!  NCWR couldn't be happier for Heidi!

Ludo was found wandering a Manteca neighborhood & when the owners were located, but they said they were moving & could not take
Ludo with them. So Ludo was adopted by the family that found him. When the family split up, travel for work meant that Ludo was alone
too much, so he was surrendered to NCWR.

But Lucky Ludo found the perfect match in his new Mom, who fell in love with him instantly! Mom says that Ludo is so gentle, calm &
sweet & fits in so well with his new family!  Ludo & Mom will explore dog friendly Berkeley & visit the paradise that is the Point Isabel Dog
Park!  Mom says "I am so happy with this wonderful dog!"

Petite 7 year old Blue Weim, MISTY found herself needing a new home when her owners had to move & couldn't take her with them.
Misty's new Mom & Dad recently had 2 Bloodhound brothers but Mom wanted a "Girly Girl" & Misty fits that description to a T! Misty's
new Mom is a Stay-at-Home Mom & Misty loves that & as is typical of Weimaraners, loves to follow Mom around the house! To round out
Misty's new family is her new Dad, whom she adores & Major, the 12 year old Bloodhound boy. Major & Misty are still getting used to each
other & enjoy sleeping on their beds next to each other. Daily activities include 4 mile hikes near their Pleasanton home & walks
downtown for lattes.  Weekends are for going to the coast to explore the trails.  So kisses for her new Dad, a Mom to follow around & Major
to boss is good for Misty!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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EMERSON is a beautiful Blue Weim, and wonderful with people!  He loves
hiking, playing ball, and is a real snuggle bug!  This boy loves getting all the
attention you can give! He is active, and was thought to be born around
2008, making him 11, but  both his owner and vet feel he is possibly closer
to 9 or 10.  While he is a wonderful companion to humans, he is not always
so great with other dogs, especially in the home.

Emerson would be best for someone who is active, is a strong leader,  and
will give him  all of the love and attention he deserves. His new home
should not have other dogs, or cats.  Because of his competitive nature, kids
probably should not be included in his new life. If you are looking for a best
friend, a loyal companion to share your home...Emerson is your boy!
Emerson is neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped. Currently with his
owner in Sacramento.  His adoption fee is $250.  If you are interested in
adopting Emerson, please fill out an