atronus was returned to NCWR because he was too energetic & hard to control. But Patronus is now in a home where Mom &
Dad, who lost their Weimaraner after 15 years, totally understand him! We get glowing reports about him! His new parents
surmised that Patronus was just a beautiful boy who wanted to be loved very badly. Mom says, "Patronus is very well trained
in basic commands & a dream to walk on lead, he is also great off-leash & comes right back.  Patronus loves Doggy Daycare & is
already making friends with all the neighborhood dogs & their families."

His new home is in the dog paradise that is San Diego, with the best leash-free places on earth!

Patronus accompanies the family to soccer games & is happy as long as he can keep his 3 human playmates in sight! He also
likes his new kitty buddy, Bob, the 15 year old cat... they drink from the same water bowl!

Patronus is gaining stamina & is up to 3-4 miles of running & 3 miles of walking daily. When Patronus is not at Doggy Daycare,
running or at soccer  games, or at Mom's office, you can find him & his family at Fiesta Island for dog beach romps!

The best part for the NCWR Team? When we hear his from his new family... "WE LOVE PATRONUS. He is not going anywhere.
He's a gem & a great boy!!!

Star needed a new family when her parents found that her 3 year old human playmate was very allergic to her. But no
problem for Star, as NCWR had just the new family for her! Star's new Mom & Dad adopted Amber from NCWR when she was
a senior, which gives them "star" status! When they lost Amber several months ago at the age of 16, they knew they needed a
new dog in their lives...  Mom says that they love Star already & are so thankful that NCWR found their special "Star" for them!
Star & her new family will regularly visit the various parks in their Livermore neighborhood. Have fun Star!
BLAKE was surrendered to NCWR from the shelter after his owners did not claim him. Blake is a happy boy with his Forever
Family of Mom & Dad & NCWR Rescue Dogs, Elvis (adopted in 2017) & Neska (adopted in 2018). All Blake wanted was a
happy home & now he has 2! Blake loves his backyard in Concord, where he likes to dine on tomato plants (only the ripe
ones!)! For vacations, they'll visit their home in Reno.

Twelve year old Rome came into rescue after the death of his guardian. NCWR found a wonderful Foster Family for him, but
there was a catch...Rome had to coexist with the resident 10 year old kitty. Rome passed his orientation with flying colors &
earned himself a home! Good boy Rome!  Mom & Dad says that they are so enjoying having him & that Rome is everyone's
favorite including Emma, the 10 year old Lab/Boxer mix. Mom says they could not love Rome more than they do!

Rome & Emma will have lots of companionship as someone is always at home. Rome & Emma can romp in their big yard at
will & accompany Mom on walks in their Lincoln neighborhood. They also love to go for rides in the van.
Rome will have his first outing to hiking trails this weekend, so that will be very exciting for him!

NCWR found WINSTON at a shelter burdened with a huge 8 pound lipoma! But now Winston is sleek & handsome looking &
feeling great! He is all settled into an amazing Forever Home with one of NCWR's very first adopters! Winston will help Mom
with patients in her office & take walks near their Richmond home. When they need time off, Mom & Winston will visit their
vacation home on the lake. Way to turn your life around, Winston!

Meet Titan was adopted in 2012 by NCWR & cared for by his Dad's son after he died.  Ultimately, Titan was surrendered to a
local shelter, who then contacted NCWR. After getting Titan back to health, we found the perfect new family for Titan, who
have had Weimaraners since 2003 & whose live's revolve around their fur babies. They were grieving for their beloved 10
year old Weimaraner boy, Jack & 10 year old Weimaraner girl, Belle, needed a friend. Amazingly enough, Titan bore a strong
resemblance to their boy Jack, so that sealed his fate!

Mom says Titan is so sweet & that they love him already! It is already apparent how much love Titan has to give & he & Belle
are developing a great relationship. Titan & Belle will rarely be left alone for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so they will never
be lonely & they will look forward to their mile walk  every evening! Also, they will have fun romping at their local, Merced  
parks.  Titan's new parents hope that he & Belle will enjoy their golden years together!

Willow & her littermate were purchased from a breeder as puppies, but have been living outside for most of their lives.
Willow was surrendered to NCWR after she & her sister chased livestock. But Willow's new parents want a cuddly companion
& we're sure Willow will be happy to oblige! Willow & Dad will enjoy daily walks in their El Dorado neighborhood. Dad plans
to keep Willow's girlish figure with a 30 minutes daily fetch & play sessionS!

Young Bo used to accompany his Dad to work, but when his owner's work situation changed, Bo needed a new home. Bo's new
parents & 9 year old Weimaraner girl Izzy, had recently suffered the loss of their beloved Bodie, so they jumped at the chance
of adding Bo to their family. Mom & Dad flew to Sacramento to pick up their new boy & drove many hours to take Bo to his new
home in Arizona! Bo & Izzy were immediate pals & love chasing each other! Their dog loving neighborhood has lots of parks &
places to walk!

Sweet Charlie was found as a stray & was microchipped, but his owner did not reply when contacted. Charie's new Mom was
thrilled to give him another chance at happiness & a Forever Home! Charlie's Mom works from home, so Charlie will have
minimal alone time...every Weimaraners dream come true! Charlie & Mom will enjoy daily walks & weekend hikes together
near their Sacramento home.

Asher & his littermate were being crated in their apartment all day & then abandoned when the owners moved! They were
rescued by someone who bought them both, but really only wanted one, so Asher was surrendered to NCWR.  Asher's new
family has raised two Weim boys, who lived to be 15 & 16 years old, so they were delighted to adopt young Asher!
Dad says he has never fallen in love with a dog so quickly!   will enjoy being Dad's constant companion & exploring his own
acreage in Alamo, perfect for romping!.!

Three year old Atlas's family realized they did not have enough time & energy for him while raising 3 children so they turned
to us to help.  Now, Atlas will have nothing but attention spending his days with his Stay-at-Home Mom & Dad &
accompanying them on RV adventures! Atlas will enjoy retrieving balls on his acreage in Reno & hiking on BLM land adjoining
his property.  Way to land on your feet Atlas!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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Meet Lovely MISTY! She is a 7 year old blue Weim
who loves belly rubs! We are looking for a patient,
experienced owner who can teach her about all the
wonderful things life has to offer at her own pace,
while reassuring her that the the future is bright.  
She's loves to steal cucumbers from her foster
mom's garden and roll in the grass. She also loves
her toys and enjoys a good game of fetch (though
she might not always bring the ball back!). She is a
typical shadow Weim, following her foster mom
around the house. She's crate trained and learning
some basic obedience. Misty is spayed, up to date on
vaccines and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee
is $350.  If you are interested in adopting marvelous
Misty and giving her the life she wants and
deserves, please fill out a
n application.