If we could have created the perfect adopter, Elke's new Dad would be it!
Minimal alone time, check!
Lots of fun activities, check!
Weimaraner experience, check!
Sleep in the bed privileges, check!
Built-In Weimaraner playmate, check!
Add bonus points for having run Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!

Elke was not thrilled about her small canine housemate, so her Mom struggled with the premise of giving her up. Ultimately,
her Mom realized it was in Elke's best interest. Elke's new Dad had just lost his senior boy to cancer & wanted a companion for
5 year old Diesel.

Enter Elke!

When Dad realized we had the perfect companion for Diesel, he immediately made plans for the journey from Portland to
make his family whole again! Elke & Diesel accompany Dad to work daily, but non-work hours are for fun & there is plenty of

Elke & Diesel will go hiking, backpacking & of course, have many beach adventures!

We're so happy for you, Elke!

Twelve year old Scooby was purchased at 8 weeks old & life started out great, with loving parents & a home with a yard. Then
they moved to a condo. One parent became disabled & the other suffered from back problems, so Scooby didn't get to do much.
But along came Scooby's new Mom, who became enamored with Weimaraners for their beauty, energy & loyalty! We so
admire that Mom wanted to be the last human that Scooby would love!

Mom says that Scooby is an AMAZING dog & she is thrilled with his companionship! Mom & Scooby are inseparable! Mom &
Scooby have their choice of venues, frequenting the Moscone Dog Park twice a day & the nearby ocean & Fort Mason. Scooby is
a social butterfly now with Mom & roomates to walk him & play with him & his new toys during the day.  Mom says all of her
friends who have met him, love him!  Good boy Scooby!

Dylan was the victim of a hoarding situation & was surrendered to NCWR along with two other Weimaraners. After being
fostered by one of our "Gold Star" Foster Homes, he was ready to embark on a new life! Dylan's new Mom & Dad & Shana, the 9
year old Husky Shepherd girl were grieving the loss of their 13 year old Weim, so they dropped everything to travel from their
Idaho home to adopt Dylan! Dylan & Shana keep their Mom & Dad company all day. Dad says that Dylan likes to bring his bed
to the couch & he also likes to “nook” his blanket & bed. Dylan, Shana, Mom & Dad will enjoy the many walking & hiking paths
& trails near their Idaho home.

Siren had been with her family since she was a puppy, but when the home broke up, she lived with her Dad. Things were
going well until he lost his home in Camp Fire & they had to live in temporary housing, so Siren was surrendered to NCWR.
But Siren has found her Paradise on 2 rural acres in Tracy with Gold Star parents, who have rescued more than 4
Weimaraners from NCWR over the past 15 years! "Ranch Girl" Siren now has 2 new WeimBros, 8 year old Cooper & 7 year old
Remington, 2 human playmates & other ranch critters, goats, pigs, chickens & ducks! When the "kids" are not romping on
their acreage, they'll take turns jogging with Mom.

Cyrus was adopted from NCWR & then returned years later. His previous family claimed that he suffered from Separation
Anxiety & never made the adjustment to his new home & a new puppy. But Cyrus's new Mom claims that Cyrus is a happy guy
who wags his tail a lot & loves his morning walk & huge back yard in Palo Cedro on almost 4 fenced acres. Cyrus & 6 year old
Rottie mix, Sitka were immediate pals & he also gets along with all the ranch pack, 4 kitties, 3 llamas, 2 horses & a parrot.
Cyrus & Sitka follow Mom around the ranch, go on hikes & can enjoy their own creek on the property.

Kimber & a Mastiff friend were found by the shelter & former owners decided not to claim her. Kimber is such a social
butterfly, that the shelter had to find her another roommate when the Mastiff was adopted. But now Kimber is very much in
love with new roommate, Noah, a 7 year old Weimaraner boy! Noah needed a new friend too after losing his companion, 8
year old Abigail, adopted from NCWR. Their Mom is a dedicated WeimMOM & keeps Kimber & Noah very busy with daily
hikes on Shell Ridge, at Tilden Park & nearby trails near their Concord home. Weekends are for visits to Fort Funston, Dillon
Beach & Carmel! NCWR couldn't be happier for Kimber & Noah!

Baloo was surrendered to NCWR  as his owner was traveling for his work & relying on friends to care for Baloo. Baloo has a
new Weimaraner girl playmate, Lika & they are hiking buddies as well. Baloo's new Mom says Baloo is a strong handsome boy
& very cute! Mom says he is a great fit for the family. Mom, Dad, Lika & Baloo will enjoy hiking near their Pleasant Hill home.

Duke was surrendered to NCWR because his owner was going to travel. But Duke landed on his "paws" & is now cherished in
his new home & helping to heal his owner's heart after losing their Weimaraner last year... Duke now has new playmates, an 8
year old Weimaraner girl, a 2 year old Mini Dachshund & a human playmate. Not only does Duke have new playmates, he has
a Stay-at-Home Mom & can accompany his new Dad to work! Duke calmly relaxes on Dad's office couch & the staff has fallen in
love with him! Dad says Duke is a love bug & is already getting very attached to Dad & family. Duke & pals can roam their
acreage on their Alamo property, go for daily walks & snuggle with Mom & Dad in their bed after a busy day!

Apollo's journey to a better life began when NCWR received this plea from the Tulare Shelter, "We have a very nice male
Weimaraner, that needs rescue ASAP! We are pretty full & he's such a friendly boy... We would really love to see him have a
chance. Please let me know if you can help soon. Thanks! " So we did just that, finding him one of our Gold Star, loving Foster
Homes! But that was only the beginning... The happy ending came when we matched him with a previous adopter! Apollo's
Happy Days continue with Apollo settling into the good life with his Mom, Stay-at-Home Dad, Nahla the 7 year old Siberian
Husky girl & Safire the 7 year old Weimaraner girl, an NCWR alumni.  Apollo's neighborhood in Fairfield affords the kids trails
in the rolling hills for walks & hikes that they love. We are so happy that Apollo had the chance for the great life that he

NCWR acquired Lexie as the result of a hoarding case confiscation. Luckily, Lexie is sweet & friendly despite her upbringing.
She has already worked her way into her new parents hearts & is helping them to heal after the loss of their 14 year old
Weimaraner girl. Lucky Lexie will enjoy the company of her retired Mom & Dad in their home in Aptos. Lexie & her family
enjoy extended vacations in their RV & visiting friends & their dog families!

Loki was purchased as a hunting dog, but his owner lost interest in hunting & has no use for Loki. But Loki has happily settled
into life with his Foster Family & has convinced Beata, The Weimaraner Queen of the Household, to let him stay & be part of
the pack forever! His new Mom & Dad work from home, so Loki, Beata & Duncan, the Lab boy, will have lots of companionship.
For fun, Loki & his "pals" will enjoy lots of walks around the neighborhood & trips to Glen Canyon & Fort Funston. Loki may
even train in agility soon!

Blake was a handsome, easy going shelter dog who was not reclaimed by his family. But there's a person out there for every
dog & his new Dad was waiting for someone just like Blake! Dad works from home & was looking for a running partner, so
enter Blake! Dad & Blake have already bonded & they are looking forward to new adventures in their Orangevale
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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Meet CHARLIE! He is a sweet 8-year old male Weimaraner. Charlie was found as
a stray and was initially very thin. But lucky Charlie found his way to one of NCWR’
s fantastic foster homes, where he has put on weight nicely! No one can believe he
is 8 years old. He gets along very well with his canine sisters in his foster home. He
knows basic obedience and does well on leash. He REALLY loves playing with toys
and playing “fetch” (although he might not bring the toy back right away). He loves
all people and especially enjoys belly rubs. Charlie will always let you know with a
“woof” that someone is at the door. He does not have experience with cats or kids,
so we are looking for a home for Charlie without either. He does have some
separation anxiety, so Charlie would love a home where he will have minimal time
alone. Charlie has a few skin tags that we plan on having removed. He is neutered,
up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $350.  If you
are interested in adopting him, please fill out an
PEARL is a lovely and active 9 year old, female grey  Weimaraner who sadly lost her
human a few months ago. Since then, the owners  loyal friends have been caring for her, but
they feel she is now ready to move on to her forever home.  Pearl has been spending her
days with two younger Weims, and gets along well with them. She's a sniffer, loves getting
out daily and chasing rabbits when she can and  she loves car rides! In the home, she's very
well mannered and loves relaxing in her favorite chair. She loves all people. Her new home
should not have cats given her prey drive.  Pearl has not lived with children in the past, but
she has been very well behaved with any young frequent visitors to the home.  She is an
absolute sweetheart who has basic obedience training and will not steal what is not hers.
She does not counter surf! Pearl is up to date on her vaccinations, and her senior bloodwork
shows she is in great health. Consider bringing   Pearl in to your life and she will reward
you with her loving companionship and joy.  She has many years left to share!  Her
adoption fee is $250.  If you are interested in adopting her please fill out an
ROXIE is an 11 year old female Weimaraner. She had been with her
owner since she was a puppy but the family has moved to a home where
dogs are not allowed. She has been around children but has no experience
living with cats. Roxie is just a wonderful girl and an easy keeper; she just
wants to be part of the family. Roxie is good with all people and dogs, large
and small, when out and about and has been delightfully tolerant of all of
them.  Her needs are simple - a comfortable place to relax and daily walks.
However, Roxie has plenty of energy. Roxie knows basic obedience skills,
“sit, lay down and stay” and is good on leash. Roxie is fostered in San
Francisco. She is spayed, current on vaccines, heartworm negative and has
had a complete senior medical review. Her adoption fee is $150.  If you are
interested in adopting Roxie, please fill out an
MOLLY is a 5 year old female Weimaraner. Molly had spent most of her life
in a kennel and was probably used for breeding but that didn’t affect Molly’s
sweet temperament!  She is a very mellow girl who just wants to be loved and
spoiled like a sweet Weim princess.  Molly loves to go for walks and is
especially fond of belly rubs.  She is working on obedience skills in her foster
home and walks very well on leash.  Molly was thin when she came into
rescue, but has put on weight very well in her amazing foster home!  She is
friendly and playful with her male Weim foster brother and would love a dog
friend to share her life with.  Molly has no experience with children, so we are
looking for a forever home for her without small kids.  She has not been
around cats so a kitty-free home is preferred.  Molly is spayed, up to date on
vaccines and heart-worm negative. Her adoption fee is $400.  If you are
interested in adopting sweet and mellow Molly, please fill out an