Remi was acquired as a puppy, but had a hard time adjusting to life with children in the growing family. Remi's new
Mom says they love her already & Remi is already queen of the house. Mom says Remi is well behaved, a beauty &
very smart.  He new roommate is a 40 year old parrot! Remi will enjoy being an adored "only child", going
everywhere with mom & dad, taking walks around their Davis neighborhood & eating mom's home-cooked meals!

Kona Blue was found as a stray & must have been on the streets for some time as his pads were blistered & raw. He
is now a pampered pet with his stay-at-home mom & new family! Kona Blue's new home in Auburn is surrounded
by green belts, with canyon trails nearby & a lot of open space for exploratory journeys! Kona Blue will be a happy
dog hunting & retrieving pheasants with Dad & attending obedience classes with Mom!

Faline's adoption is a real Cinderella story! Faline's owner bought her from a backyard breeder to rescue her from
the deplorable conditions she found her in. Unfortunately, the damage of a poorly socialized upbringing had
already taken it's toll & Faline could not adapt to family life. But Faline has fallen into the lap of luxury in her new
posh, stylish home in St. Helena with one of NCWR's most valuable past adopters & foster who enjoys cooking for
her! Mom says Faline is blossoming more & more every day. Faline will enjoy accompanying Mom on her 3-7 mile
power walks several times a week.  

Tucker's previous owner moved to a new home where large dogs were not welcome, but he was welcomed with
open arms by his Foster Mom who had just lost her Weim boy. Tucker is a lucky boy now, as Mom works from
home. Mom & Tucker are inseparable! Tucker will have daily walks & beach romps, as their home is a short walk
from the beach in San Francisco.

Three year old Cheyenne had been with her family since she was a puppy, but lately was not coexisting well with
her housemate.  Bobby was a sweet, young stray who had been adopted out & returned to the shelter. Now
Cheyenne & Bobby have hit the Rescue Jackpot with one of NCWR's longest serving volunteers! Cheyenne & Bobby
hunt for birds with Dad while Cheyenne keeps Mom company!

Puppy, Finn (AKA Otis), was surrendered to the shelter with 2 broken bones in his left rear leg that had been
untreated for 3 weeks! This poor baby was terribly frightened & in great pain. Thankfully, NCWR was able to
rescue him & place him in an amazing Foster Home while he recuperated from a successful surgery. Dozens of
NCWR supporters donated from $10 to $500 to pay for his expensive surgery.  Finn's new Mom, who is a friend of
Finn's Foster Mom, has been instrumental in Finn's recovery & socialization. Having recently lost her Weimaraner
girl Annie, at almost 16 years old, she has a lot of love to give Finn. Finn's new Mom works from home, so Finn &
Mom will be inseparable! They will enjoy daily hikes near their Livermore home, visit friends, go to the beach &
take day trips. Finn even visited a local winery!  Mom is dedicated to working on Finn's obedience skills. & they be
be active in NCWR activities. Look for Finn at the 14th Annual Weim Country Gala & Weim Walks!

Thora & brother Popeye are very unique puppies, as they have “Hoppers”, a non- progressive, non-painful disorder
which causes them to hop when they run. That doesn't slow Thora down at all & she is as fast as can be! Thora is a
true Snow Bunny now that her home is in Kirkwood! Dad says she loved her first adventure in the snow, diving into
it & eating it! She has already had her 1st chairlift ride! This outdoorsy puppy is a natural swimmer, too & she will
have great times at the nearby beautiful streams & lakes. Dad says Thora will have a long & happy life being a
mountain pup!

Popeye & sister Thora are very unique puppies! Popeye is a “Piebald” Weim, with a spotted coat. Popeye & his
sister have “Hoppers”, a non-progressive, non-painful disorder which causes them to hop when they run. Popeye is
leading a charmed life with his Stay-at-Home Mom, Dad, 2 human playmates & Olive, a 10 year old girl, rescued
from NCWR. Popeye & family will enjoy outings to the park & Shaver Lake, near their Clovis home.  Popeye will
attend obedience school & Mom thinks he will be a great Therapy Dog!

Blue had been with his family since he was a puppy, but when they had to relocate to the East Coast, they felt that
Blue would do better off in another home. But Blue is social kind of guy & was snapped up immediately by his new
Dad who fell for him on our website! Dad says that Blue is so sweet & gentle & loves all dogs & people! He wags his
tail so fast, Dad calls it a Hummingbird Tail! Blue has already been to the Dog Park & hiking near their Carson City
home. Blue & his new "girlfriends",  7 year old Ruby & 10 year old, Annie, both rescued from NCWR, keep their
Work-at-Home Dad company during the day. The kids will also enjoy swimming at Carson City beaches of Lake
Tahoe & romping on their property, which is adjacent to BLM land.

Willie needed a new home when his family broke up & he is now the pampered pup he was always meant to be!
Willie's new Mom says he is the best! He was not getting a lot of attention or family time, but all that has changed.
Willie & Mom take a morning & evening run & he  goes with Mom on errands.  Some of Willie's favorite things: his
tug of war rope, his huge roasted dog bone, gardening with Auntie & watching the squirrels & finches! Willie loves
new his home in Antioch with housemate, Jack E., a 10 year old Chihuahua. Mom says Willie is precious & says he
even smiles!

Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, we get new dogs all the time.  Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.
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BOOMER is a 5 1/2 y/o male Weim that first came to us a couple years ago. He went to a
great home, but his owner has been spending a lot of time traveling in his RV, and Boomer
does not enjoy the road trips. His owner feels that Boomer would do better in a home with
someone who does not like to travel so much.  Sadly, Boomer suffers from epilepsy and is
prone to seizures. While he is a healthy and normal, energetic Weim in every other way, his
seizures require daily medication and special care. His owner and veterinarians have been
able to keep his seizures at bay by following a daily plan, and this will be shared with his
new adopter. We are looking for a family that is willing to be supportive of his daily regime
and give him the love and companionship he has grown accustomed to.   While we are
looking for a special family to share their lives and home with Boomer....we think he will be
an equally special addition for them. Boomer spends his time performing tricks for patients
in the local Alzheimer's home! He is great with everyone he meets, smart, loves playing
fetch and cuddling up with you.  He is also co-existing nicely with the family cat & chickens.
The cat even sleeps with him.   Boomer will be fostered in Oroville starting May 1.  His
adoption fee is $100.    If you're interested in Boomer, please submit an
FRIDA  is a 5.5 y/o female Weim who needs a home to call her own. She was bought by a
couple as a puppy, who realized they could not give Frida the exercise and training she
needed. They gave her to a friend who had no Weimaraner experience, and were also
unprepared to give her the time and attention she needed. Frida has been in a foster home
since she was surrendered, where she learned to use the doggy door and acquired lots of
obedience skills. She knows sit, lay down, wait, come and shake and also does great on leash.
She loves to go for car rides and is a wonderful passenger.  She has been doing well with the
children in her foster home (ages 8 and 11). Frida is a little over weight, but those extra
pounds will come off quickly. So, what Frida needs is someone that will give her the attention,
exercise and love she needs. She does well with other dogs in the home, but with a high prey
drive, no cats! If you are willing to pour your love and attention into Frida, she will reward
you with her loyal companionship she's been anxious to share. She is fostered in Hayward,
and her adoption fee is $250.00.  If you're interested in Frida, please submit an