When I first picked up Hudson to foster him, I’d never met such a scared and nervous dog. I was skeptical about him ever being adoptable.
However, as the weeks went by we shared many runs, walks, and hikes together. He was putting on needed weight and building muscle,
becoming the healthy athletic dog that he now is. He is a fun companion to have on hikes and walks, and almost every time we’re out I get
compliments on his handsomeness. He usually behaves well on a leash, seems to thrive when out being active, and continues to evolve
into more of a “normal” dog. He has been learning to meet other people and dogs, and has shown nothing but improvement in all areas.
He’s great inside the house, good with riding in the car, and has now had many wiggly waggly moments of excitement and happiness.
When he was finally determined ready to be adopted, I prepared myself – or so I thought. But when it came down to it, I realized what a
hidden gem he is, one that is going to shine even more in the future with continued love, training, and a feeling of security. How could I not
hold on to this wonderful boy?

Hudson's favorite activites are accompanying Mom on jogs, walks & hikes & of course mealtime!!! Hudson's obsession with squirrels has
earned him a new nickname, Chief Squirrel Patrol Officer (CSPO)!

Hope was attacked by two dogs while living on the streets in Tijuana. She was rescued by her "Hero" & taken to the vet & hospitalized.
After a brief stay with a foster, Hope went back to the vet hospital until we could arrange for her transport across the border. Her new
Mom & Dad skillfully nursed her back to health. Now Hope looks like the Pampered Princess that she is & not the street dog that she was!

Hope is getting lots of love & attention from her Stay-at-Home Mom & Dad in their Rancho Mirage home.  It's a true Fairy Tale Happy
Ending (or beginning!) for Hope!

Pretty Porsche was a shelter dog who just needed a new start!  Her new family, including Pepper, the rescued Lhasa/Terrier cross, was
still mourning the loss of their beloved Weimaraner boy, so they moved quickly to adopt her!  In true storybook fashion, they are all
thrilled with each other!  Porsche does not like to be left alone, so having Mom & Dad work from home suits her just fine!

Porsche is getting used to the family routine...a good long walk in the morning, then a post lunch-time walk followed by many fun play
time breaks in the yard! A long after dinner walk leads to the neighborhood park in Novato where Porsche & Pepper play with other dogs.
NCWR is so happy for Porsche!

McLaren needed a new home when his guardian was hospitalized but no worries for McLaren as we were able to match him with a new
family that has been part of the NCWR Family since 2005!  McLaren's new home is in Los Altos where he will enjoy being a constant
companion to his new Mom & Dad. This lucky boy also has a visiting Cocker Spaniel to play with!  McLaren has already bonded with his
new Mom & in true Weimaraner style, follows her everywhere!

This is a true CinderFella story!  Poor 9 year old Bo was in a shelter for 2 years after being rescued from the streets in Baja.  He was
rescued by a kind volunteer in S CA & surrendered to NCWR.  Bo's new Mom had lost her 17 year old Weimaraner & was so ready for a
new companion!  This was a match truly made in heaven!

Mom says Bo is the sweetest dog ever & perfect for her!  He is so loved by his new Mom & Dad.  Bo is now the Master of his fenced 5 acre
property. Mom says Bo is doing great!  He loves being brushed, exploring his yard & trying out all of his new beds.

Live Happily Ever After BO!

Young Toby needed a new family as his previous family was moving out of the state to live in their RV. But we made sure that Toby would
land on his (4!) feet with a great home in Reno! Toby's new Mom & Dad are very experienced WeimParents who have raised 7
Weimaraners to live full & happy lives.

Toby immediately began to explore his new home, a fenced acre in a canyon with hundreds of trees & a creek! Mom & Dad will be able to
dote on Toby full-time, so he will rarely be alone.  Toby, Mom & Dad will take many walks on the trail along the creek where Toby can
chase the resident quail!

We heard about the plight of poor sweet Phoenix & knew we had the perfect home for her. This poor girl was a Mexican street dog who
was hit by a car. But her luck began to change when an angel got involved & took her to the vet in Tijuana. X-rays revealed a broken hip &
Phoenix has now endured 2 surgeries & complications, but her sweet disposition has never wavered.

Saving Phoenix was a true collaboration between CalWEAR, Friends for Pets, NCWR & so many individuals, including her Guardian Angel
Foster Mom in S CA.  Phoenix is recuperating nicely in her Citrus Heights home & Sunny, adopted in February, is her biggest fan! It was
love at first sight for Sunny. Since Phoenix & Sunny both have natural tails, they are a perfectly matched pair!

When we heard of an emaciated stray that needed immediate attention at a local shelter, I called Douglas's Soon-to-be-Mom. She dropped
everything & came to his rescue!  But his emaciated condition was only the beginning of his problems. A veterinary exam revealed an
abdominal hernia, however, Douglas was in no condition to survive major surgery.  Mom did a great job of getting Douglas healthy &
surgery was scheduled. Douglas miraculously survived the difficult surgery & is now convalescing & getting pampered!

Douglas accompanies Mom to work every day, but Douglas thinks it's play, not work, as the job site is an 80 acre farm in Hanford!
His office mates include his housemate, a 12 year old Miniature Poodle, a Yorkie & a Silky Terrier  So after a long day at work, with twice
daily walks, runs, & playtime, Douglas & Mom head home, where his other housemate is A 10 year old kitty!  They'll also visit family
members near by & play in the orchards!

Si's guardians adopted him from a rescue organization when he was a puppy & they've been a happy family ever since. Now that his
previous Mom & Dad are retired, they wanted to travel more so they felt it was best to re-home Si.  Si was fostered by a very experienced
Weimaraner family who have had Gray Fur Babies for over 20 years & adopted Zurich last year. Si worked his charms on them & they
have now joined our beloved group of Foster Fails!

Mom takes Si & Zurich on walks & runs on the trails near Lake Natoma & they accompany Dad on his bike rides. They also enjoy evenings
walks around their Orangevale neighborhood.  Si is a perfect combination of being calm at home, but active on walks & the best part? Mom
says Si & Zurich seem to really love each other!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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~~~~~NEW NORMAL~~~~~

Because of the virus, we have few dogs to place and lots of applications
allowing us to be quite picky.  Our perfect home is one where the dog
will have little or no alone time, good daily exercise and Weim
experience.  If your dog will be alone more than an occassional 1 or 2
once you return to work, we will not place a dog with you.
Nash is a wonderful and exceptionally smart boy that has lots of love to give. We
think him to be about eight or so, but he still has lots of energy and benefits from
routine exercise. Like many Weims, Nash likes to occasionally check to see if you
would like him to be in charge-- and so he can be a bit strong-willed. He also tends
to be protective of his people so we are looking for a home with Weimaraner (or
other large sporting breed) experience with leadership skills that can continue
diligent training and exercise.  He prefers to be with people most of the time but
can be crated for short periods. We feel like he would benefit from a nice female
companion dog to help keep the separation anxiety to a minimum.

Nash has been working on leash training, general obedience and learning to find his
place in a human pack as he did not have much experience with that before we got
him. He has thrived in foster care and proven that he is super intelligent, eager to
learn, and gets very attached to his family.  If you have room in your heart and
home for Nash, please submit an
application with us.  He is going to need a home
WITHOUT small dogs, cats or young children. His adoption fee is $350.
Mercedes, or Mercy as her foster family calls her, is a lovely, calm 6-7-year-old female who is
ready to find her forever family.  She came to us as a very under-ocialized girl who was probably
used for breeding and not much else. As a result, everything in this world was very new to her and
can sometimes cause her to be anxious and unsure about people and her immediate environment.
Thanks to the loving patience and consistency of her experienced fosters, she has made
tremendous progress. She still has work to do as she moves forward into the next chapter of her
new amazing life.  Mercy could not even walk on a leash when she arrived at her foster home. She
feared just about everything and most everyone. In the video link below you will see she now likes
to go for walks and even hikes with their son!  She will bond to family and enjoys gentle affection,
following them around the house and yard to be with them as much as possible.

Mercy does not have high exercise needs but she does love walks in the neighborhood or hiking in
the hills and it will be important for her to continue to slowly socialize with the world outside her
home in baby steps. This lady likes routine and needs a family that will help her learn new things
through experiences but not overwhelm her with it too much or too soon. She is very smart and
learns quickly but not at all food or treat motivated.  Mercy would do best in a home with a
relaxed dog buddy of any size. She does not know how to play with other dogs but would benefit
from their presence and guidance. She needs to have a quiet spot to call her own and after she
settles into a new home, can be by herself for short periods and is not destructive.  No younger
children or cats please.  Her adoption fee is $350,  If you think you can provide her with the love
and guidance she needs in this next important step in her life please  fill out an