Phoebe's owner purchased her from a breeder as a puppy, but did not research the breed characteristics. They were
expecting a low-key dog that would adjust to life in an apartment! With insufficient exercise & training, Phoebe
developed true Weimaraner nature, typical in every way. Weren't they surprised! Phoebe is now adored & appreciated
for who she is & in a home where her every Weimaraner attribute is nurtured. She loves "Big Brother" Luca, a 4 year old
Weimaraner boy. Phoebe & Luca will go everywhere with Mom & Dad & enjoy socializing & going on hikes & walks near
their Napa home!

Gunner was abandoned by his family when they moved. The new renter contacted Gunner's previous owner, who said
said they did not want Gunner anymore. The current owner thought she could keep him, but she felt his energy was too
much for her, although he is super sweet in every way! But Gunner has lucked out with a perfect  home, tailor made for
him. His new family includes Mom & Dad, 2 human playmates, 2 year old Blue, the Weimaraner boy & Bo, the 3 year old
"Morkie". We think Gunner will adjust well to his new life of sleeping in the bed with Mom & Dad, playing at the Dog
Park & visiting Folsom Lake. Dad says that Gunner's new family in Roseville is beyond attached already & that it feels
like Gunner has been part of the family forever.

Bruno was found running loose in a field outside of Modesto & rescued by a good Samaritan. He's a friendly boy who
will jump in anyone's car! Bruno's new Mom fell in love with him after reading the FaceBook post about him & knew he
was the one! Mom is a great judge of Weimaraner character as she & the entire family are veterans of NCWR Booth
events. Bruno's new loving family includes 2 Weimaraners, 3 Chihuahuas, a mini pig, a kitty, a few small critters & a
human playmate, who will become Bruno's "Personal Trainer"! Bruno will love the freedom of romping on the home's
acreage in Tracy. He will have an exciting life swimming, having play dates, going to the beach, enjoying snuggles & naps
& most of all, joining in on Dog Treat Baking Day! Bruno has already attended his first NCWR Booth event & proved
himself to be a Rock Star Ambassador, who was born for the role! Make sure you give him a big hug at the next event!

Buddy was  abandoned with 3 other dogs in August & adopted out by a local shelter. He was returned after 2 weeks by
adopters who were not Weimaraner savvy. Our NCWR approved applicant lost no time going to visit Buddy & adopted
him on the spot! Buddy's new home cant imagine life without Buddy & says he is an awesome companion & a great
swimmer. As Mom is a Stay-at-Home Mom, she & Buddy will have lots of adventures visiting the park near their Citrus
Height home & hiking at nearby trails and rivers.

Zeus grew up with his previous family, but due to lack of exercise & attention, he became unwanted & ultimately, the
family thought it was best best to give him up. Zeus's new Dad says that Zeus is the "Dog of his Dreams"! Zeus has new
buddies, a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix & a large Angora/Persian mix kitty. Zeus & family will enjoy walks in their
Rohnert Park neighborhood & visiting the nearby beaches.

Abby had been with her family since she was a puppy & accustomed to being the darling of the household. When she was
5 years old, the family acquired a young Pit Mix girl & they didn't get along so they surrendered Abby to NCWR. Abby fit
in so well with her Foster Family, that they decided she should stay.  Abby loves her new family, Mom, Stay-at-Home
GrandPa & Tuboat, the 5 year old mixed breed boy! Abby & Tugboat have lots of activities, including daily walks, hiking
& swimming. The kids also visit the Dog Park near their Sacramento home a few times a week.

Poor, sad Mulligan was brought to the shelter with a huge open wound under his lower jaw. He had been suffering for at
least 10 days with this injury.  Lucky for Mulligan, he had a wonderful Foster Mom to nurse him back to health, but the
good news doesn't stop there! Mulligan's Foster Mom, who recently lost her two rescue dogs, needed Mulligan as much
as he needed her. So Mom & Mulligan will heal each other & live happily together in their Concord home!

Mya's former family bought her from a breeder back east & recently moved to California. Since moving, they discovered
that she suffers from Separation Anxiety, which became a problem with their work schedules. Mya was being fostered
by our very own Foster Coordinator, who quickly fell in love with her! Sweet & petite Mya has a new housemate,
Jackson, adopted from NCWR in 2013. Tiny Mya & Big Guy Jackson make quite a cute couple! Mya & her new family live
in Saratoga.

Young Macy joined her family as a puppy. Sadly, Macy was not included in the family activities which revolved around 5
children & became very distressed when she was left alone. But Macy is the perfect companion for her Foster Dad &
now her permanent Dad who lost his beloved Duncan adopted from NCWR in 2010. Macy will have the same wonderful
life as Duncan had accompanying Dad to work, visiting with dog buddies & swimming at the lake minutes from their
Lake County home. For entertainment, Macy can play with her Kitty pal & watch the Parrots!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, we get new dogs all the time.  Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.
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for a sister organization.  
HERE to see Divo's
amazing story.
JASON is a 9 year old male Weimaraner who had been in the shelter with a wounded lower leg.
Shelter staff cared for Jason and tended to his injuries while waiting for his owner to come forward.
However, Jason’s owner did not come for him. We had him neutered and placed him in one of our
amazing foster homes for recovery. As a result of meticulous care, Jason's leg wound is almost
healed. He is getting along well with all of the dogs in his foster home but he seems to prefer
female dogs. His foster mom describes him as a very sweet boy who is easy to care for. He enjoys
going for walks, “helping” in the garden, and cuddling with family. Jason is a mellow and well-
behaved boy who does not require a lot of exercise. He just wants to be wherever the family is. He
keeps a watchful eye over the home and will let you know with a “woof” if strangers are
approaching, but he quickly settles. He knows the “sit” command and he loves his treats so he
should easily catch on to more obedience skills. We do not know if Jason has any experience with
young children or cats so we are looking for a home for Jason without kitties or young children. His
vaccines are now up to date and he is ready for his new life. All he needs now is a home to call his
own where he can be the pampered boy he has always longed to be. His adoption fee is $100. If you
are interested in adopting Jason, please submit an
JOY is a 6 1/2 year old spayed female Weim, who came to us from an
going through some life changes.  She had acquired Joy as a young
puppy, but was not familiar with the breed and the requirements that
would benefit her most. Therefore, not much time was given towards
obedience training. There were no outings, and exercise was confined to
the back yard or dog run. She slept in the garage with the other dog in the

Since coming to NCWR, we have learned that Joy will probably do best as
an an only dog. She loves her humans so much and prefers not to share
them with other canines, yet she seems to do very well in doggie day care
with the other dogs. Joy will be a complete ''joy" for the family that would
love to include her, teach her and give her lots of fun exercise that she is
longing for. Joy is fostered in San Ramon, and her adoption fee is $200.00.  
If you are interested in adopting her, please submit an
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