Ash was a stray with no one to call his own until his new Dad came along! He now calls Mountain View his home in a
dog friendly apartment complex bordered by 2 parks & filled in with green space! Nice upgrade, Ash! Ash accompanies
his new Dad to the office daily & they enjoy AM & PM walks & time at the park. Ash & Dad will also take trips to Fort
Funston for beach time. Nighttime is for cuddle time!

Schatzi was picked up as a stray, but has lucked out with a great family in Healdsburg! His new family includes a
Stay-at-Home Mom, Dad & 12 year old Weimaraner girl, Zaia! Schatzi & Zaia will take trips to the beach, which is less
than an hour from his new home & walk to the nearby park daily. Mom says they love him & says he is doing really well
adjusting to his new home!!! We are so happy for Schatzi!

Maverick's life as  certainly improved since he was picked up as a stray! He has now found his FOREVER  Mom & home
in Ceres.  Mom says that Maverick is so happy in his new home with parakeets named Zeus & Apollo. Maverick & Mom
will take walks & he will keep Mom company while she gardens. They will be inseparable, cuddling while watching TV,
running errands & even doing yoga stretches with Mom!
He will be Mom's shadow & buddy! Now that is a great life!

We found Winston through a Facebook ad when his family posted that they had no time for him. But Winston's new
family in Stockton is very Weimaraner experienced & knows exactly what he needs to be happy. Winston loves kids &
playmates & his new home in Stockton has both, 2 human playmates & a big Weim bro to keep him active! Winston will
go to obedience classes & enjoy walks & romping & swimming at the dog park. Winston will accompany the family for
hiking & camping trips in the summer.

Silus had been with his family since he was a puppy, but lately they did not have the time to give Silus the attention &
exercise he needed. Silus is having a great time with his new family which includes Thora, adopted from NCWR in 2017
& a human playmate. Silus's new Dad works from home, so Silus & Thora will have lots of companionship! Dad loves to
hike, so Silus & Thora will hike & accompany Dad on bike trips near their Kirkwood home. They will also visit dog
friendly Silver Lake. Silus is discovering snow & loves it!

Winston was purchased from a breeder as a puppy, but his home situation changed & his previous Mom's long hours
make it difficult for her to care for him.  But Winston is a happy boy now, on acreage in Carson City with 2 Dads & his
new sister Ruby, adopted from NCWR in 2013. Dad says Winston is precious & incredible. He loves to find toys & bring
them to Dad! Winston & Ruby adore each other already & enjoy snuggling. The Dads will keep Winston & Ruby busy
hiking & swimming!

Dixie has charmed her Foster Family into keeping her! Dixie's previous family bought her from a breeder when she was
a puppy, but surrendered her because they didn't have time for her. Dixie has Separation Anxiety, but now she has
GrandPa & GrandMa to keep her company until her new Mom comes home! Mom enjoys cooking for Dixie & Mom &
Dixie will enjoy walking & jogging near their Sacramento home. Mom says Dixie has adapted to our family really well &
seems happy in her new home in Sacramento.

Twelve year old Elton Gray was surrendered to an LA shelter because he was old. When neither Southern California
rescue would would claim him, NCWR stepped in. He appears to have suffered from a lifetime neglect, with two large
masses & a fungal skin condition. But Elton Gray hit the rescue jackpot with a loving home in Sacramento & a Mom who
cooks for him! Elton Gray shares his home with Sammy the Chocolate lab & Max the Whippet. Elton & his new pack will
enjoy walks, going visiting, camping, going to the pet store & the groomers.

LadyBug had been with her family since she was a puppy, but when her owner passed away she was surrendered to
NCWR. LadyBug is now in her Furver Home in Hayward where she will be a Pampered Princess! LadyBug & her new
Mom will take daily walks & she will be Mom's constant companion. Mom says LadyBug likes to be covered up with
blankets when she is lounging.
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
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Six year old Monty is a super sweet Weim boy, who found
himself needing a new home after the death of his human. But
lucky Monty is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes.
Monty gets along well with all of the humans (including
children) and the dogs in his foster home, but will chase cats.
Monty does great on leash, enjoys going to the dog park and
playing with his toys. He also knows some basic commands and
loves treats, so he is ready to go to obedience classes, learn more
skills and bond with his new family! He is neutered, house
trained and up to date on vaccines. Monty does have Addison’s
disease, so he will need life-long medications, but we have been
told that this disorder is easily controlled.  If you are interested
in adopting Monty, please fill out an
Eleven year old Jack lived much of his life as an outdoor dog along with a dog
companion. However, his dog friend passed, which left Jack very lonely. Jack’s family
called upon NCWR to find a home for him where he could get more attention and be
part of the family. Lucky Jack is now in one of NCWR’s amazing foster homes. His
foster mom says that Jack does great with all people, but is particularly fond of men.
He also does great with all other dogs at daycare and loves to greet other dogs at
play time and when out for walks. Jack would love a home with a female dog friend
that does not mind Jack taking the lead. He is house trained, knows the “sit”
command and is doing a great perfecting his leash walking skills. Jack takes treats
super gently, so he is ready to learn more obedience. Jack had some benign lipomas
removed (these are characteristic of the breed). Jack is also neutered and up to date
on vaccines.Jack's adoption fee is $100.  If you are interested in adopting this nice
Weim boy, please fill out an
Jack and Jill are less than one year old. However, their short lives were filled
with neglect.
They came to rescue very thin and ill. But these cuties are ready put
all of that behind them now that they are in the caring hands of NCWR! Jill
remains blind in one eye, but that does not stop her. She is just full of spunk and
playfulness! Jack is just a love machine that craves belly rubs. Both will win your
heart with their natural, long, wiggly tails! They are ready to place into a loving
home, but will need twice weekly baths for a few more weeks for a skin condition.
They do well on leash and both are treat-motivated, so they are ready to learn
obedience skills and bond with their new family. We would love to place Jack and
Jill together in the same home.  We are looking for someone who is home much of
the time and wants a ready-made pack. Jack and Jill would do best in a home
without the stimulation of other dogs. We don’t know how Jack and Jill are with
cats or young children, so we are looking for a home for them without either. Jack
and Jill are neutered/spayed and up to date on vaccines. Their adoption fee is
$550 each or $900 as a pair.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting this
adorable pair, please fill out an
One year old Sunny is a cute Weim mix girl that was found as
a stray
and ended up in a shelter. She is now in a temporary
foster home through NCWR.  Her foster mom says that Sunny is
a “people dog.”  She describes her as “wiggly, loving and
absolutely adorable, offering the sweetest gentle kisses upon
her arrival.”  She enjoys playing with toys, being part of the
action, and loves to ride along in the car. However, Sunny would
do best in a home without other dogs or cats, as she has very
little experience interacting with them and needs time to gain
confidence. She is working on crate training and leash walking
skills. Sunny is spayed and up to date on vaccines.  Her adoption
fee is $300.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting this
adorable girl, please fill out an
Meet seven year old Sam! He was adopted from a shelter but it turned out
that Sam has separation anxiety and became destructive when separated
from his humans 8 -10 hrs a day, His family called upon NCWR to find a
home for him where he could get more attention and be part of the action.
Sam is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes. Sam’s foster family
says that Sam is great with people and will bond quickly with his family.  
Sam has some basic obedience skills, good recall and is working on
perfecting his leash walking skills. Sam is an expert counter surfer and his
foster family is working on that with him.  Sam can be a bit dominant with
other dogs, so he would do best in a home without other dogs to compete
with. Sam is house trained, neutered and up to date on vaccines.  His
adoption fee is $300.  If you are interested in adopting Sam and making him
part of your family, please fill out an