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Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, don't despair. We constantly get new dogs.
Many dogs never post to our site as the right,
approved home is waiting when the dog comes to
us.  It is important to become home-approved to
be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved
one nears end
of life, here is a
wonderful way
to keep an image
of them close
to your heart, a
sterling silver

~~~~~NEW NORMAL~~~~~

Because of the virus, we have few dogs to place and lots of applications
allowing us to be quite picky.  Our perfect home is one where the dog
will have little or no alone time, good daily exercise and Weim
experience.  If your dog will be alone more than an occassional 1 or 2
hours once you return to work, we will not place a dog with you.

We are not currently considering applicants outside N CA.


Three year old littermates Lewis & Clark needed a new home when their guardian had to relocate due to work demands.  Their new
home was a match made in Rescue Heaven as their new Mom & Dad had lost their pair of "Boyz", adopted from NCWR several years
ago & wanted more than anything to add these two boys to their family!

Lewis & Clark were not allowed on furniture previously so imagine their delight when they were invited onto the massive sectional for
evening snuggles!  But wait, it gets better... Lewis & Clark get to sleep in the King size bed bought specifically for Mom & Dad's former
"sons", when their Queen size bed was too small for the family!  Their Santa Rosa neighborhood has several great parks with lots of
trails & open areas.  Sounds like Lewis & Clark will be thoroughly enjoying their new life!

Beautiful Belle was adopted several months ago but her new Dad had to go to a rehab facility.
Belle has a whole new family now to care for her!  Belle's new family includes her doting Mom & resident cockatiel Cookie!
Mom's family of son, daughter & 3 human playmates live in a second home on the property.

Lucky Belle has a beautiful pool with several decks & a large fenced front yard.  Mom & Belle walk twice a day. The kids keep her busy
& open country for romping is only a few blocks away.  Several dogs that live nearby are available for play dates!  Belle will be a busy

Jack was purchased from a backyard breeder when he was a puppy, but his new Mom did not have enough time to devote to him & he
was escaping. So Jack was surrendered to NCWR.  But Jack is in a happy place now with an entire family to call his own, 3 human
playmates, a 10 year old Vizsla girl, a 9 1/2 year old English Bulldog girl, a new Mom & a new Dad who loves to train!

The family lost their Weimaraner boy several years ago & always knew they wanted to add another Weimaraner to their pack.
Amazingly enough, Jack reminds Dad of their beloved Popa, whom they lost...ccc  Dad says that Jack is a big lovable ham, who just
wants to be loved & please his new family.

Their Redwood City area has many Dog Parks, trails & off leash areas. Jack & his new family run & hike daily in their Redwood Shores

Gunner was found wandering the streets of Visalia & taken to Animal Services. As he was microchipped, Animal Services attempted to
reach the owners  but were unsuccessful.  When our previous adopters who suffered the loss of their 3 rescued Weimaraners in the
last year saw Gunner's photo, they knew they had to meet him!  They were convinced that their beloved Riley spoke to them from
Heaven about sweet Gunner.

Gunner will be happy to follow Mom around the house or accompany Dad to work. Mom says that Gunner is a Daddy's Boy!  Gunner &
his new family walk or run 3 miles daily near their Livermore home. They will enjoy longer hikes on the weekends!

Happy 2021 Gunner!

Lincoln has been with his family since he was a young puppy but as he has grown, his family realized that he does not get enough
attention or exercise.  Luckily, NCWR had just the right family waiting in the wings for a boy just like Lincoln!

Lincoln's new family has rescued Weimaraners for many years & were ready to add to their Weimaraner family.  Lincoln has 2 new
housemates, 10 year old rescue girl, Samantha & Bruno Mars the hamster.  With Mom & Dad retired & a Grand Dogfather at home,
Lincoln will never be alone...a Weimaraner's dream!

Lincoln & Samantha enjoy walks with Mom & Dad & romping in their large Nevada play yard!

Bristol & her littermate were purchased together as puppies from a breeder advertising on Facebook but the dynamics with other
canine family members did not work out.  Bristol has hit the Rescue Dog Lottery & has been adopted by one of NCWR's Gold Star
Adopters! Bristol's new parents are avid Weimaraner Lovers who have adopted from & fostered for NCWR many times.

Bristol has a new kitty friend, Annie & a Doggy Play Group for socialization. Bristol also loves hiking with her family daily in the
Shingle Springs area near her home.Lucky Bristol will have an exciting life as she will begin training in agility & Scent Work!  
Go Bristol!

Neisha, a beautiful Blue girl, was very loved in her previous home but unfortunately her owner suffered from severe allergies that got
progressively worse.  Neisha's new family recently lost their 14 year old rescued Weimaraner girl so Neisha has a big void to fill in
their hearts.  Mom says that Neisha immediately stole their hearts when they met!

Neisha & family will take several walks a day on the bike paths in their Larkspur neighborhood. They will also enjoy hikes on Mt Tam
& visits to the beach!  Neisha's family say that she is an absolute love & they feel so incredibly lucky to have her!

Happy 2021 to Neisha & her new family!

NCWR received a call from a volunteer who had found a lost Weimaraner boy & took him to the shelter. The shelter located his
guardians, but they declined to reclaim him.  Five year old Max has been in one of our "Gold Star" Foster homes waiting for his new
family & then the Christmas miracle happened!

Max's new Mom & Dad spent most of 2020 mourning the loss of their Myler, who was like a son to them. Seeing an empty couch these
last 10 months was a painful reminder of their loss.  Max's new home in the Delta is surrounded by farmland & is every dog's dream
with plenty of room to romp & play!  Mom says that the house is a home again, now that they have Max on his couch!

Happy New Year Max!

We love our Cinderella endings & this is a very special Christmas edition of one!  Irene's owner had to move & could not care for her
but her future looks very bright now!  Her new Mom & Dad had recently lost their third rescued Weimaraner & their fourth
Weimaraner rescue, 12 year old Arthur, needed a new friend. Not only did Irene get a new playmate, she has two house kitties, Conrad
& Ruth, to call her own.  Here's the best part...Irene's new home is in The Sea Ranch, the stunningly beautiful 10-mile stretch on the
coast, with more than 50 miles of hiking trails & access to many beaches!

Irene & Arthur visit the beach every morning & hike on the trails every afternoon. With several short romps in between, Irene &
Arthur are happy to keep Mom & Dad company in their home offices for needed naps!  Irene & Arthur also accompany Mom & Dad on
errands in the minivan configured specifically to accommodate them.  Irene, welcome to your home now in Dog Paradise!

Luna was purchased from Tijuana, but a Dog Lover neighbor observed that she was left outside all day & barked constantly.
When approached, her owner said he no longer wanted her & would be taking her to the shelter.  Thankfully, this Good Samaritan
surrendered Luna to NCWR & the story gets better & better! Luna's new parents lost their Weimaraner last year & were looking for
another Weimaraner dog to share in their adventures!

Luna's new home in Walnut Creek has access to miles of trails for walks & runs. Luna & Mom & Dad enjoy daily runs on weekdays &
longer runs & hikes on weekends. Mom & Dad work from home so Luna is rarely alone...A Weimaraner girl's dream! Luna will
accompany Mom & Dad for errands, road trips & camping, too!  Luna is working on new tricks & enjoying the training, treats &