Gretchen was purchased as a puppy by a very Weim savvy guardian, but as he was aging & suffering from health issues, he found that he
could not provide the adequate exercise that the youngster needed. But Gretchen will have lots of activities now with her Stay-at-Home
Dad & soon to be retired Mom! Gretchen & Dad will take several daily walks, have playtime in the park across the street & occasional hikes
in the mountains near their Nevada home! After a fun filled day, Gretchen can snuggle up with in bed Mom & Dad.

Gretchen has already been a big help around the house, jumping in the big piles of raked up leaves so that Dad has to rake all over again!
Dad says that Gretchen has stolen their hearts & they are thrilled that she has joined their family! They have already bonded with sweet
little Gretchen....NCWR couldn't be happier for Gretchen!

George had already had two homes in his young life, by the time he was surrendered to NCWR! He was purchased as a puppy from a
someone selling Weimaraner puppies outside of a Sporting Goods store & when his children grew tired of him, he was sold through a
Craig's List ad. George's second owner found that he had too much energy for her 4 young children & surrendered him to NCWR.
That's when George's luck began to change, as he went to one of our "Gold Star" Foster homes where they spoke Weimaraner!
Not only did they understand Weimaraners, George now had a built in buddy, Patton, adopted from NCWR in 2017. From the moment
George & Patton met, they were BFFS!

Mom says she has never seen two Weims play so hard & so well together. They rough house non-stop with with lots of running & playing
in between. When they need a rest, you can find them curled up together on one of their many dog beds!  George & Patton go to work with
Mom every day & get lots of open space romps through out the day. George is now a very lucky boy!

8 year old MISSY was living on the streets of Tijuana after she was abandoned by her family. She was being cared for by a Foster Family
after a local rescue got her off the streets. NCWR was happy to help sweet-natured M
issy & found her a new Foster Family in Southern California! Missy won her new family over & is happily adjusting to her Forever Home in
San Juan Capistrano with a boy Weim buddy, a Chihuahua & outdoor kitties!  Mom says that Missy is "a perfect lady, well-mannered, quiet
& friendly.  She loves attention & loves to gently jump up to give Mom hugs when she comes home.  NCWR is so happy for Missy!

2 year old MAGIC was acquired as a puppy, but since his family had not done sufficient research on the breed, they soon found that they
were ill equipped to raise Magic to be a good citizen & family member. As he was still intact, Magic & his former Cattle Dog buddy began to
have altercations. Magic had been left to his own devices outdoors all day & developed some bad habits. But luckily for Magic, his new
parents, who had recently lost their beloved Kobe to advanced heart disease at 12 years old, knew just what Magic needed!

Mom says "When I first approached Magic & pet him, he immediately laid down & rolled over on his back with all 4 paws in the air..., that
was all I needed to know, we love him already! He is a gem!"  Magic loves his new active family & his new neighborhood in Lafayette,
where he & his family will hike or walk daily.  Adopting Magic has made their home feel whole again...

1 month old MACY was purchased by a family that was not expecting the amount of time & attention that a young Weimaraner requires.
As relegating her to a crate for most of the day wasn't working, the family surrendered her to NCWR. But Macy has found the perfect home
in Tracy with a Weimaraner savvy household (they have raised Weimaraners for 15 years & adopted 4 from NCWR!)!

Macy's new Paradise is on acreage that she shares with Mom, Dad, 2 human playmates & Weimaraner boy alumni & playmates, 8 year old
Cooper, 7 year old Remington, goats, pigs, chickens & ducks!  When Macy matures, she will take turns being Mom's jogging partner!

PATRONUS was returned to NCWR because he was too energetic & hard to control. But Patronus is now in a home where Mom & Dad, who
lost their Weimaraner after 15 years, totally understand him! We get glowing reports about him! His new parents surmised that Patronus
was just a beautiful boy who wanted to be loved very badly. Mom says, "Patronus is very well trained in basic commands & a dream to
walk on lead, he is also great off-leash & comes right back.  Patronus loves Doggy Daycare & is already making friends with all the
neighborhood dogs & their families."

His new home is in the dog paradise that is San Diego, with the best leash-free places on earth!

Patronus accompanies the family to soccer games & is happy as long as he can keep his 3 human playmates in sight! He also likes his new
kitty buddy, Bob, the 15 year old cat... they drink from the same water bowl!

Patronus is gaining stamina & is up to 3-4 miles of running & 3 miles of walking daily. When Patronus is not at Doggy Daycare, running or
at soccer  games, or at Mom's office, you can find him & his family at Fiesta Island for dog beach romps!

The best part for the NCWR Team? When we hear his from his new family... "WE LOVE PATRONUS. He is not going anywhere. He's a gem
& a great boy!!!

STAR needed a new family when her parents found that her 3 year old human playmate was very allergic to her. But no problem for Star,
as NCWR had just the new family for her! Star's new Mom & Dad adopted Amber from NCWR when she was a senior, which gives them
"star" status! When they lost Amber several months ago at the age of 16, they knew they needed a new dog in their lives...  Mom says that
they love Star already & are so thankful that NCWR found their special "Star" for them!
Star & her new family will regularly visit the various parks in their Livermore neighborhood. Have fun Star!

BLAKE was surrendered to NCWR from the shelter after his owners did not claim him. Blake is a happy boy with his Forever Family of
Mom & Dad & NCWR Rescue Dogs, Elvis (adopted in 2017) & Neska (adopted in 2018). All Blake wanted was a happy home & now he has
2! Blake loves his backyard in Concord, where he likes to dine on tomato plants (only the ripe ones!)! For vacations, they'll visit their home
in Reno.

Twelve year old Rome came into rescue after the death of his guardian. NCWR found a wonderful Foster Family for him, but there was a
catch...Rome had to coexist with the resident 10 year old kitty. Rome passed his orientation with flying colors & earned himself a home!
Good boy Rome!  Mom & Dad says that they are so enjoying having him & that Rome is everyone's favorite including Emma, the 10 year
old Lab/Boxer mix. Mom says they could not love Rome more than they do!

Rome & Emma will have lots of companionship as someone is always at home. Rome & Emma can romp in their big yard at will &
accompany Mom on walks in their Lincoln neighborhood. They also love to go for rides in the van.
Rome will have his first outing to hiking trails this weekend, so that will be very exciting for him!

NCWR found WINSTON at a shelter burdened with a huge 8 pound lipoma! But now Winston is sleek & handsome looking & feeling great!
He is all settled into an amazing Forever Home with one of NCWR's very first adopters! Winston will help Mom with patients in her office
& take walks near their Richmond home. When they need time off, Mom & Winston will visit their vacation home on the lake. Way to turn
your life around, Winston!

Meet Titan was adopted in 2012 by NCWR & cared for by his Dad's son after he died.  Ultimately, Titan was surrendered to a local shelter,
who then contacted NCWR. After getting Titan back to health, we found the perfect new family for Titan, who have had Weimaraners since
2003 & whose live's revolve around their fur babies. They were grieving for their beloved 10 year old Weimaraner boy, Jack & 10 year old
Weimaraner girl, Belle, needed a friend. Amazingly enough, Titan bore a strong resemblance to their boy Jack, so that sealed his fate!

Mom says Titan is so sweet & that they love him already! It is already apparent how much love Titan has to give & he & Belle are
developing a great relationship. Titan & Belle will rarely be left alone for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so they will never be lonely &
they will look forward to their mile walk  every evening! Also, they will have fun romping at their local, Merced  parks.  Titan's new
parents hope that he & Belle will enjoy their golden years together!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
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Meet lovely MISTY! She is a petite 7 year old blue Weim who is sweet, smart,
and sensitive with true star quality! She adores her humans and shows her
affection with discrete kisses and ready companionship. Misty's favorite indoor
activities are to lie in the sun and get belly rubs or gentle stroking from her
humans! Daily exercise is the key to Misty's success and she loves daily long
walks where she can sniff and explore the world around her. She is a quick
learner. Misty is rediscovering the Weimaraner behavior of pointing! Her foster
mom believes she would enjoy other activities, such as agility and NoseWork, so
we are hoping for a family that would enjoy bonding with Misty in activities.
Misty loves her toys and enjoys a good game of fetch (though she might not
always bring the ball back!). She is a typical shadow Weim, following her foster
mom around the house. Misty has no experience with children, so kids should be
older. She would benefit from being an “only dog”, but may also do well with a
calm male dog companion. Misty does have a prey drive, so we are looking for a
home for Misty without cats. She is house trained (uses potty bells), crate trained
and often goes to her crate for sanctuary, excellent in the car, and is improving
her basic obedience skills. This beautiful girl is spayed, up to date on vaccines
and heartworm negative. If you are interested in adopting marvelous Misty and
giving her the life she wants and deserves, please fill out an
EMERSON is a beautiful Blue Weim, and wonderful with people!  He loves
hiking, playing ball, and is a real snuggle bug!  This boy loves getting all the
attention you can give! He is active, and was thought to be born around
2008, making him 11, but  both his owner and vet feel he is possibly closer
to 9 or 10.  While he is a wonderful companion to humans, he is not always
so great with other dogs, especially in the home.

Emerson would be best for someone who is active, is a strong leader,  and
will give him  all of the love and attention he deserves. His new home
should not have other dogs, or cats.  Because of his competitive nature, kids
probably should not be included in his new life. If you are looking for a best
friend, a loyal companion to share your home...Emerson is your boy!
Emerson is neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped. Currently with his
owner in Sacramento.  His adoption fee is $250.  If you are interested in
adopting Emerson, please fill out an
CHRISTMAS IS COMING, and we are still looking for the right home for Logan, our 3 year old neutered male that has exhibited resource
guarding behavior.  Occasionally he will guard his crate, space or his belongings & let you know with a low growl. To some extent, this is
normal canine behavior. Logan has never bitten or snapped at anyone, but this behavior must be taken very seriously. Therefore, we
have enrolled Logan in an extensive board and train program, where he just completed his 3rd week. Logan has 3 more weeks of
training before he is ready for his new home. His trainer has given us the following recommendations for Logan’s forever home:

"Logan would do best in an active household that can provide him with a lot of good exercise. Logan needs physical as well as mental
stimulation to keep him a happy guy! Hikes, runs or other physical activities are all great. On the mental side of things he needs owners
that can keep consistent with training and boundaries. He needs structure in his life and won’t do well if left to entertain himself. He
needs someone who can provide leadership, boundaries and structure while continuing to provide affection and exercise.” The trainer
also feels that Logan would  do best in a home with no children or other dogs. However, he also says that Logan may be ok with another
dog that has a submissive temperament.

We are hoping for someone that is a strong leader, has lots dog experience, and truly wants to help Logan become the best he can be.  
Logan has so many good qualities about him. He can be very sweet, and will give you nose kisses! Plus, he is young and a super good
looking boy! If you, or someone you know, have a home where Logan can thrive, please reach out to us! If not, please share his story! We
will do our part by screening any applications very carefully. Let's give Logan the very best Christmas gift ever!  A forever home!   If you
are interested in adopting Emerson, please fill out an