Willie needed a new home when his family broke up & he is now the pampered pup he was always meant to be!
Willie's new Mom says he is the best! He was not getting a lot of attention or family time, but all that has changed.
Willie & Mom take a morning & evening run & he  goes with Mom on errands.  Some of Willie's favorite things: his
tug of war rope, his huge roasted dog bone, gardening with Auntie & watching the squirrels & finches! Willie loves
new his home in Antioch with housemate, Jack E., a 10 year old Chihuahua. Mom says Willie is precious & says he
even smiles!

Toby's rescuer deserves a huge NCWR thank you!  He bought Toby after seeing a Craig's List ad just to get him out
of his situation & then surrendered him to NCWR. Toby's new Mom & Dad are amazed at what a perfect dog Toby
is! He is everything that they had hoped for! Toby & his new Mom & Dad will take walks in their Nevada
neighborhood & visit the dog park at the local Marina.

The story of Lance...10 year old Lance was surrendered to a shelter by a homeless person. When NCWR took Lance
into our care, he needed a growth removed from his foot & foxtails removed from his ears. Lance is now a healthy
boy, who gets along with everyone & is happily living with his new Dad in Pismo Beach. Dad works from ​ ​Lance & Dad are a team! Lance & Dad take morning & evening walks along the beach, where they meet
with their usual crew of dog walkers & exercisers. They take longer hikes on the weekends.. ​Lance's new Dad says
he is a sweetie!

When NCWR needs Guardian Angels, they miraculously appear! 14 year old Zoey & 11 year old Bailey, had been
with their family since they were puppies.  When the family fell on hard times, they had to make the difficult
decision to give the girls up. One of NCWR's most beloved volunteers adopted them & they were happy & loved until
his unexpected death recently. But Zoey & Bailey are irresistibly adorable, so they were scooped up by their new
Mom & Dad in Red Bluff. Zoey & Bailey have new friends now, Abby, a 6 year old Weimaraner girl, & Gizmo, a 16
year old kitty. Chickens, hens & roosters are part of the landscape now! Zoey, Bailey & Abby keep Dad company all
day, play fetch on the property & take morning & evening walks. They will take family trips to the river & lake &
socialize with extended family dogs at social gatherings. Mom says that the girls are very sweet! Bailey has
attached herself to Dad & has decided that he makes a perfect dog bed for her! She loves to stretch right out on top
of him! Mom also says that Zoey has the sweetest face! "We love them both!"  Now that is a Fairy Tale!

NCWR tried to pull Fiona from the shelter in 2016, but the shelter preferred to adopt her out directly. She was
returned shortly because of her Separation Anxiety & her anxiousness with a toddler & another small child. We
needed a very special home for Fiona & that's what we found for her! Fiona's new Dad lost his PTSD Emotional
Support Dog (ESD) & was heartbroken. Dad & Fiona are a match made in Heaven & will be inseparable. Dad says Fi
is a wonderful dog & says he has never had a dog that learns obedience so quickly, even responding to obedience
commands in German! Fiona loves her Cal King Memory Foam Bed in the Master bedroom & has announced that it
is her preferred daytime lounging place, with her head on a pillow. Dad says NCWR rescued two lives...
Fiona & family will enjoy walks near their Porterville home & visits to local & national parks.

Millie & her brother Tucker were surrendered to the shelter for harassing livestock. After TLC & good leadership at
the home of our NCWR Secretary, Millie was ready for her Furever Home. Unfortunately, she was returned, as she
was ultimately incompatible with the family's German Shorthaired Pointer. So Millie went back to her Foster
Family in Cloverdale & they decided that they could not let her go again, so Millie is home! Mom says Millie got right
back into her routine with housemates Bruce & Kayda & is doing great!

Poor Jax has had a sad life so far. He was picked up as stray in Coalinga. He had a microchip, so his owner was
contacted several times but they never came to claim him. Jax was placed by NCWR in 2012, but his parents got
divorced & no one has time for him. But now Jax has a loving new Dad & a family to call his own, Myszka, a 12 year
old Weimaraner girl, Kasia, a 1 1/2 year old Weimaraner girl & Sasha, a 6 year old Weimaraner boy. Dad came all
the way from Oregon to pick Jax up & is so happy with how Jax is fitting in the pack! Dad says he is perfect! Jax &
his new family have 10 acres to romp on every day & will go running on the forest trails on weekends. Jax already
had his 1st trail run & kept up nicely with the pack!

Harley is a a happy, friendly puppy who was picked up as a stray. He is delighting his new Mom & Dad with his
sweet & calm nature. Harley loves his new house mate, Gracie, a 3 year old female Weimaraner girl. Mom & Dad
says he loves to snuggle in bed... he's good at it! His new parents are retired, so Harley & Gracie get lots of attention.
Harley, Gracie & family go for long trail walks or romp in a nearby fenced meadow every morning & have
afternoon play sessions.

Poor Hudson had to wait in the shelter for 2 months waiting for a Parvo breakout to settle down. But NCWR has
found him a perfect home where he is the center of his parent's world! His Dads say that Hudson is a really special,
wonderful, openhearted boy.  He is easy going, confident, nice to be around & smart! Hudson was introduced to
Doggy Day Care & immediately hit it off with the staff & his new playmates. Hudson & his new family will hike in the
woods near their Berkeley home daily. His Dads say they are happy & blessed that Hudson came home with them...
we're sure Hudson feels the same way.

Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, we get new dogs all the time.  Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.
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BOBBY is a lovely grey, neutered Weimaraner with dewclaws removed and a
docked tail. Veterinarians guess he's about a year old, but we think he's wise
beyond his years.  His foster Mom says he moved right into her home with her
resident Weimaraner and quickly took the lead from Milah.  He watched and took
his cues from the older dog, but when on hikes, he stayed close to Mom, looking back
to make sure he wasn't going to loose her too.  Bobby has a gentle, sweet manner
about him in spite of never really having a stable environment. But don't be fooled
by all this sweetness.  He is only about a year old so an active household that will
exercise or even run with Bobby every day would make his world!  Bobby is smart
and eager to learn so an obedience class with his new person would be great
too.Although we do know he lived with a small dog, he doesn't seem to like small
dogs!  So no small dogs, kitties or little children that he can jump on and knock over.
His adoption fee is $400   if you would like to give Bobby his first and last real home,
please submit an
Blue is a 10 year old, very handsome male Weim. He had been with
his previous family since he was a young puppy, and they recently
learned they would have to make a move back east. Unfortunately,
they are not able to take Blue along with them.  Blue appears
younger than his age with none of the usual lumps and bumps and
he's still quite active. He loves to swim, sniff around, and has great
recall which helps a lot with his high prey drive. His foster mom says
he is very sweet & will share his toys with the other dogs in the
home. He will do best in a home with another dog since he has
separation anxiety if left alone. There is one minor bad habit...he
loves to counter watch your food! Blue is current on his
vaccinations and microchipped. He currently being fostered near
Sacramento.  His adoption fee is $100.00.   If you're interested in
Blue, please submit an
BOOMER is a 5 1/2 y/o male Weim that first came to us a couple years ago. He went to a
great home, but his owner has been spending a lot of time traveling in his RV, and Boomer
does not enjoy the road trips. His owner feels that Boomer would do better in a home with
someone who does not like to travel so much.  Sadly, Boomer suffers from epilepsy and is
prone to seizures. While he is a healthy and normal, energetic Weim in every other way, his
seizures require daily medication and special care. His owner and veterinarians have been
able to keep his seizures at bay by following a daily plan, and this will be shared with his
new adopter. We are looking for a family that is willing to be supportive of his daily regime
and give him the love and companionship he has grown accustomed to.   While we are
looking for a special family to share their lives and home with Boomer....we think he will be
an equally special addition for them. Boomer spends his time performing tricks for patients
in the local Alzheimer's home! He is great with everyone he meets, smart, loves playing
fetch and cuddling up with you.  Boomer will be fostered in Oroville starting May 1.  His
adoption fee is $100.    If you're interested in Boomer, please submit an