Hansel was found running the streets with his sister Gretel, but good natured boy that he is, he adjusted well to his Foster Home.
This lucky boy was scooped up by one of our favorite adopters, who are lifelong Weimaraner aficionados! Hansel now has 2
housemates, Ana, a 6 year old Catahoula Leopard girl & Mouse, the 6 year old house bunny. Hansel will have very little alone time as
Dad is retired & will take Hansel & Ana romping near the Sacramento River, 2 blocks from their Red Bluff home. They will also visit
the family's other properties with many acres to explore. Hansel may also experience hunting with his new Dad! Dad says Hansel &
Ana immediately bonded. His new family is delighted to have Hans & love him dearly!

Rainbow had been with her family since she was a puppy, but as her parents were having mobility issues, they were unable to
properly care for her. But Rainbow has a new loving home with very Weim savvy parents that knew that their beloved Blue needed a
new buddy. Rainbow & Blue will have fun days taking walks, hiking, playing ball & swimming in their pool in their Lincoln home.
Mom says they fell instantly in love with Rainbow & that she is so well behaved & very sweet! Good job Rainbow!

Gretel was found running the streets with her brother Hansel & needed a lot of TLC to make her feel safe again. Thanks to a great
Foster Home, Gretel is learning to trust again. Gretel's new home in Benicia with her Stay-at-Home Mom is perfect for her! She now
has a large yard with a park like setting & open dog friendly space nearby for romping. Gretel will enjoy walks & hiking, road trips,
car rides & watching Mom work in the garden. There will be lots of time to socialize with Mom's friend's dog kids, too! Gretel will
go to obedience classes as well.

Angie was a frightened, thin, but very sweet & gentle little girl, when she was found wandering the streets. But Angie's sweet nature
made her irresistible to her Foster Parents. So Angie starts the New Year in her Forever Home in San Jose with a Stay-at-Home Mom
& Harley, adopted from NCWR in 2015. Happy New Year, Angie!

Blue had been in his home since he was a puppy, but was left with grandparents when his primary caregiver went off to college. That
worked until his grandparents could no longer give him the care he needed. Then Blue met his new Mom & his world was set right
again! Blue & his new Mom live on a golf course in Reno with lots of lot of walking areas. Blue will have lots of companionship since
Mom is retired & they will spend a lot of time walking, playing, running & snuggling. Mom says he is a love & very sweet. Mom &
Blue have bonded very nicely!         

OUR CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT IN 2016 was our acquisition of 5 pups from a volunteer's accidental breeding.  We placed all 5 in
wonderful homes & the mother has been spayed.  Here are their forever home stories:

Greta (AKA Jersey) now lives on a 10 acre ranch in Cottonwood with a couple who has had Weimaraners for 50 years. The adopters
are ranchers who are home all the time. Greta will have a magical ranch life, visiting the Nubian goats, 4 horses, chickens, 2 kitties &
romping with an Australian Shepherd & Great Pyrenees. Greta loves sleeping on the bed & cuddling on the couch with Mom & Dad.

Luna (AKA Cameron) is now living in Santa Rosa with a family that includes a stay at home Mom & NCWR rescue dogs Brownies &
Zora! The whole family is so excited to have her. Zoey likes to romp with Zora & snuggle with Brownie!

Zoey (AKA Brooklyn) now lives in Marina with parents who have opposing schedules, so no alone time for this puppy! Zoey will
enjoy the beach life! Mom says Zoey is rambunctious, sweet & very smart!

Mia Simone (AKA Simone) now lives on a 10 acre ranch in Valley Forge, with stay at home parents & 2 Weimaraner friends,
Maximus & Maggie. Mom says Mia Simone is a treasure  & beautiful in very way!

Sherman has a new family, Mom, Dad, 3 human playmates, Kero adopted from NCWR in 2015 & a kitty! Sherman, Kero & family will
have lots of daily exercise consisting of walks in their Rohnert Park neighborhood & play time. They will accompany the family on
dog friendly errands, go on hikes, visit dog friendly beaches & the dog park. Sherman is a lucky puppy!

Although Cash had been with his family since he was a puppy, a medical condition forced the family to give him up. Cash is a happy,
well adjusted boy who took no time charming his new Foster Mom. So Cash is now "Home for the Holidays" with hisnew Mom in
Moraga. Happy New Year Cash!​  Mom says ​ Cash is a great dog who loves his toys as much as his walks. He has already made a
walking friend, Pepe the Lab who belongs to one of Mom's friends. The East Bay Mud Trails are just down the street ​ have become a
favorite destination for both Cash ​​&​ his new family. When at home, he hangs out in the living room with his new pack, roams the
yard with over a dozen fruit trees while Dad does yard work, ​plays fetch with anyone who will throw his lacrosse ball.​"​​The family
adopted Cash for Mom's Birthday, so here's a pic of Mom & her ​B​irthday present!

Milo has been anxious ever since his housemate was rehomed a year ago. But this year, Milo got the best Christmas present ever, a
new Forever Home! & not just any home... Milo landed in foster with NCWR's former Adopter of the Year & scored the home of his
dreams! Dad says Milo is playing & getting along well with Luna & Winnie, adopted from NCWR this year. Dad, Milo, Luna & Winnie
take 2 mile walks daily near their Reno home. Merry Christmas Milo!
Available Weims in Northern California
Meadow & Shiffra  visiting Greta in
Cash with his new mommy.
Zoey and Bailey, 12 and 10 years old respectively,  first came to us three years ago. They
had been with their original owner since they were puppies, and NCWR was able to secure a
wonderful "failed" foster home and keep them together.  Sadly, a few months ago their world
came crashing down on them with the sudden loss of their human. With several other Weims
in the home, the family felt it was best to ask us to re-home them. While keeping them together
would be nice, it is not necessary. Even though they have lived together all their lives, they are
not so bonded as long as there are other dogs in the home. Both ladies are healthy!  

Zoey enjoys her senior years by chasing the ball, loves car rides, short walks and napping. She
has one "Weim Crime", and that's tearing up toilet paper rolls when she's not doing her other
activities. Unfortunately, she's not too great at covering up the evidence!  Bailey is more active,
loves chasing the ball, going for longer walks each day, car rides, (especially to Starbuck's) and
loves snuggling up and cuddling.  She loves men, so a man in the home is a must!

Both Zoey & Bailey are so sweet and were so well loved and taken care of. We would love to see
them go homes where they continue to be treated like princesses. Currently in fostered Fresno.
Senior, no adoption fee.  If you are interested in one or both, please submit an
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, we get new dogs all the time.  Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
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