Harley is a a happy, friendly puppy who was picked up as a stray. He is delighting his new Mom & Dad with his
sweet & calm nature. Harley loves his new house mate, Gracie, a 3 year old female Weimaraner girl. Mom & Dad
says he loves to snuggle in bed... he's good at it! His new parents are retired, so Harley & Gracie get lots of attention.
Harley, Gracie & family go for long trail walks or romp in a nearby fenced meadow every morning & have
afternoon play sessions.

Poor Hudson had to wait in the shelter for 2 months waiting for a Parvo breakout to settle down. But NCWR has
found him a perfect home where he is the center of his parent's world! His Dads say that Hudson is a really special,
wonderful, openhearted boy.  He is easy going, confident, nice to be around & smart! Hudson was introduced to
Doggy Day Care & immediately hit it off with the staff & his new playmates. Hudson & his new family will hike in the
woods near their Berkeley home daily. His Dads say they are happy & blessed that Hudson came home with
them...we're sure Hudson feels the same way.

Mia & Cooper have had a lot of changes in their young lives but are now in their Forever Home in Manteca, with one
of NCWR's most trusted Foster Moms. Cooper & his litter mate, Mia, were left on their own, as young puppies when
their owner was evicted. A kindly neighbor took them in, but changes in their life, prevented them from giving the
litter mates the attention & exercise that they deserve. Adopting 2 young dogs was the furthest plan thing from
Foster Mom's plans, but she soon realized that Mia & Cooper were the cutest bonded pair ever! They play with the
same toy & sleep on the same bed. We at NCWR are so happy that Mia & Cooper can stay together Forever!

Ruger was found in Southern California on Christmas Eve after he was hit by a car. Ultimately he needed surgery to
amputate the necrotic area of his tail. Lucky for Ruger, his sad days are over & his new Dad says "Ruger is in his
forever home with a family that already loves him!".  Ruger's new life includes Dad & his new playmate, Hannah,
the 6 year old Weimaraner.  His new home is in Wofford Heights with National Forest out the back gate where Dad,
Ruger & Hannah will take 1 to 2 mile daily walks or go to the lake only 1/4 mile away. They will also go fishing,
hunting & do some bird training. Dad says Ruger is a little sweetheart & loves to be held & talked to.

Rosey was adopted from a shelter when she was very young, but her new family had no time to exercise her.
Rosey's new Dad is retired so she will have a full time companion! Rosey gets to snuggle with Dad on the bed &
hopefully will learn to retrieve a ball! They will  have many adventures on their daily walks & beach visits near
their San Luis Obispo home. Dad says Rosey is very sweet & settling in well!

Gracie was acquired as a puppy, but then given to her owner's mother. Now that her current owner is moving into a
smaller place with no acreage, she has no means to exercise Gracie. Gracie's Foster Mom fell in love with her
immediately & now exercising Gracie is a life style! Gracie & family will enjoy excursions to the river, visits to the
Dog Park near their Elk Grove home, coastal vacations in the family RV & even Brunch at a favorite downtown
restaurant! Gracie's new housemates include 2 dogs, a Pitbull, a Chihuahua/Terrier Mix & 3 kitties, Black Cat who
is brave & loves Gracie, Piggy, who loves to follow Gracie & Ozzy.

Remi's previous owners were too busy with kids to give him the attention he needed. Now Remi has Work-at-Home
Parents who work with him twice a day & his own personal trainer! Remi's personality is emerging everyday... he
has found his bark! He loves to chase his ball & creates his own little games of how he will run to catch the ball.  
Remi even did well at his first family outing. Dad says Remi is a great dog so he is in his Forever Home in Walnut
Creek! Good boy Remi!

Hansel was found running the streets with his sister Gretel, but good natured boy that he is, he adjusted well to his
Foster Home. This lucky boy was scooped up by one of our favorite adopters, who are lifelong Weimaraner
aficionados! Hansel now has 2 housemates, Ana, a 6 year old Catahoula Leopard girl & Mouse, the 6 year old house
bunny. Hansel will have very little alone time as Dad is retired & will take Hansel & Ana romping near the
Sacramento River, 2 blocks from their Red Bluff home. They will also visit the family's other properties with many
acres to explore. Hansel may also experience hunting with his new Dad! Dad says Hansel & Ana immediately
bonded. His new family is delighted to have Hans & love him dearly!

Available Weims in Northern California
ZOEY and BAILEY, 12 and 10 years old respectively,  first came to us three years ago. They had been with their
original owner since they were puppies, and NCWR was able to secure a wonderful "failed" foster home and keep
them together.  Sadly, a few months ago their world came crashing down on them with the sudden loss of their
human. With several other Weims in the home, the family felt it was best to ask us to re-home them. While
keeping them together would be nice, it is not necessary. Even though they have lived together all their lives, they
are not so bonded as long as there are other dogs in the home. Both ladies are healthy!  

Zoey enjoys her senior years by chasing the ball, loves car rides, short walks and napping. She has one "Weim
Crime", and that's tearing up toilet paper rolls when she's not doing her other activities. Unfortunately, she's not
too great at covering up the evidence!  Bailey is more active, loves chasing the ball, going for longer walks each
day, car rides, (especially to Starbuck's) and loves snuggling up and cuddling.  She loves men, so a man in the
home is a must!

Both Zoey & Bailey are so sweet and were so well loved and taken care of. We would love to see them go homes
where they continue to be treated like princesses. Currently in fostered Fresno. Senior, no adoption fee.  If you are
interested in one or both, please submit an
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here
today, we get new dogs all the time.  Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.
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JAX is an 8 year old, energetic, good looking male Weim that first came to us in 2012. Now, through no
fault of his own, he is looking for a new forever home. He deserves this to happen very soon!

Up until a couple months ago, Jax was running a few miles everyday with his owner, and needs his
exercise to continue daily. He is very loving and sweet; great with people in general, but seems to bond
extra quickly with men. He does well with other dogs, and even lived with a small dog in his previous
home. He loves hanging out at home with his people...but watch out! Given the chance, he will escape
the yard and go cruising around the 'hood! Jax will need a secure yard. Because of his energy, small
children would not be a good idea, and nor would cats due to his prey drive. He is neutered, up to date
on vaccines, and microchipped. We will have updates on Jax very soon! He is being fostered in Forest   
His adoption fee is $100 If you are interested Jax, please submit an
BOBBY is a lovely grey, neutered Weimaraner with dewclaws removed and a
docked tail. Veterinarians guess he's about a year old, but we think he's wise
beyond his years.  His foster Mom says he moved right into her home with her
resident Weimaraner and quickly took the lead from Milah.  He watched and took
his cues from the older dog, but when on hikes, he stayed close to Mom, looking back
to make sure he wasn't going to loose her too.  

Bobby has a gentle, sweet manner about him in spite of never really having a stable
environment. But don't be fooled by all this sweetness.  He is only about a year old
so an active household that will exercise or even run with Bobby every day would
make his world!  Bobby is smart and eager to learn so an obedience class with his
new person would be great too.Although we do know he lived with a small dog, he
doesn't seem to like small dogs!  So no small dogs, kitties or little children that he
can jump on and knock over. His adoption fee is $400   if you would like to give
Bobby his first and last real home, please submit an
SAMMY was picked up as a stray during one our N. CA rain and wind storms.  He
is a handsome, 12-18 month old, neutered, gray Weimaraner with a docked tail
and front dewclaws in place.  He passed the shelter and NCWR's temperament
testing with flying colors.  Sammy may have been kept outdoors as at first he was
reluctant to come inside.  

Sammy immediately greeted the resident dogs in his foster home with playful
invitations to romp and clearly enjoys the company of other dogs. He quickly
learned to use the doggie door when he needed to go outside. Sammy seems to be
drawn to men especially.  He needs some obedience training and guidance, and
enjoys performing commands his foster Mom is teaching him.  Sammy is a young,
rambunctious boy who needs activity and daily exercise to keep him happy and
calm.  His adoption fee is $400.  If you would like to give Sammy his very
deserving home, please fill out an
FIONA is  2-3 year old spayed, lovely blue Weimaraner with a docked tail and up to date on her immunizations.
NCWR found Milah/Fiona in a routine shelter search in 9/2016.  She had been picked up as a stray and clearly had
been fending for herself for some time, based on her skinny condition.  The shelter wanted to adopt her to the public so
she went to a busy, young household, soon to welcome another baby.  Fiona became restless without daily exercise and
close human attention that she craves.  NCWR was called to find an active household for her with someone who is
home during the day and has time to run or hike and get out with her every day.

Recently, Fiona has been living in her foster home getting along well with kitties, other dogs, large and small and even
the chickens.  She loves riding along in the car with you and enjoys the public attention she draws with her beautiful

Fiona has Separation Anxiety resulting in lots of barking, chewing anything she can find on the counter and being
generally naughty when left alone even for short periods of time. Crate training has not been successful.  Fiona is a
seriously loyal, loving Velcro dog who would make a wonderful service dog or just a tag along best friend for someone
who stays home much of the time and will take her out for daily exercise. Fiona is being fostered in Oroville. Her
adoption fee is $350. If you would like to help Fiona find her forever home, please submit an
Lance is a 10 year old guy who could tell us all tales that would keep us in awe if only he
spoke English.  Here is a wise, gentle, dog who's owner has been homeless for years.  Lance
learned to get along with everyone and every dog.  He got by without food if it wasn't there,
and defended himself more than once from the old scars on his face..  NCWR saw him
repeatedly showing up in the city shelter and each time we were told the owner would
come and get him. This time, due to his owner's poor health, Lance was given up and we
were called to help him out.

NCWR  placed him in a loving foster home where he settled in happily with the other dogs
and the kitties.  He's a very adaptable guy who enjoys everything you do together like car
rides, naps in the sun, walks, couch time and most of all, his very own delicious bowl of food
twice a day!  You have to see him dance for his meals to believe it!  Lance is ready for a
forever home and will touch your heart with love.  Hi adopption fee is $100.  If you are
interested in Lance, please submit an