The story of Jill has a true Fairy Tale ending...

Jill & her brother Jack were confiscated following an animal neglect investigation. The year old littermates suffered from a
host of problems including skin conditions & mobility issues. Just when Jill started to blossom, she managed to slip out of
her collar & was hit by a car. After surgeries & physical therapy to repair her hip, she was adopted by one of NCWR's most
beloved Guardian Angels & a Former Adopter of the Year. Jill's new parents have adopted several special needs dogs
including Sage, a Senior Dog who was recovering from heartworm. Jill is now romping like the puppy she is & enjoying life
in her new home in Red Bluff, with "brother", Hansel,  adopted from NCWR in January 2017!

Moby's owner surrendered him to NCWR in anticipation of an elderly family member coming to stay & worried that his
puppy energy level would get him into trouble! Moby's new Mom says that Moby is an adorable moose & that he is doing
well in his new home in Saratoga. Moby can look forward to daily walks, going for rides with Dad & taking ​
weekly trips to the beach.

Manny was picked up as a stray & from his very thin appearance, he seems to been on his own for awhile. But his new
Mom & Dad are lifetime Weimaraner owners & are dedicated to bringing this sweet boy back to his full potential. Mom &
Dad are retired so Manny will have lots of play time, walks & hikes near their Sonoma home. Mom & Dad say  
"Weimaraner's are our life! ".

CoCo Chanel has hit the Rescue Jackpot! She was bought as a young puppy, but her owner soon realized that having a
young puppy did not coincide well with a having a 12 hour day work schedule! CoCo has a dream life now in a San
Francisco home with a large yard, next to the beach. She has a loving family, a Stay-at-Home Mom & a new "Big Brother",
Otto, the German Short Haired Pointer! CoCo has already had her 1st beach romp & loves retrieving! CoCo & Otto will visit
the beach often & take twice daily walks in the Presidio. Coco can look forward to frequent trips to Tahoe, for family
hikes. At the end of a fun filled day, she'll have bedtime snuggles with Mom & Dad. NCWR is so happy for CoCo Chanel!

Ferris's family surrendered him because they didn't have time for him with a new baby in the house. But lucky for Ferris,
he was just the companion that his new Dad was looking for. They met at a social event& it was love at first sight! Dad
works from home for most of the week so they will be constant companions & he will also accompany Dad on day trips for
work. Dad loves to entertain & work in the garden, so Ferris will be meeting many new people.  Ferris & Dad will take
morning, afternoon & evening walks in their Concord neighborhood.

Gibbs is a sweet, playful youngster who was surrendered to NCWR because of his allergies. But volunteering is a family
affair for his new family & they are willing to do whatever they need for Gibbs. His new loving family includes 3
Weimaraners, including Bruno, adopted from NCWR in October last year, 3 Chihuahuas, a mini pig, a kitty, a few small
critters & a human playmate. Gibbs will love the freedom of romping on the home's acreage in Tracy. He will have an
exciting life swimming, having play dates, going to the beach, enjoying snuggles & naps & attending NCWR Booth Events!

Colt had been with his family since he was a puppy, but his owner felt that because of her busy schedule with the children,
that he would do better in a home where he would get more attention &  exercise. Colt has the perfect situation now with
his new Dad who is retired. Colts's new home is high in the Sierras in a rural community surrounding a golf course. Colt
also has a new play-group with several dogs that walk miles every morning. Dad & Colt have an active life together
walking & hiking in the nearby mountains.

After some research about the breed, Hunter's owners bought him from a breeder. They thought a Weimaraner was a
good match for their active family, but found that Hunter's needs were more than they had planned for. But Hunter's new
family was well prepared as they lost their 12 year old Weimaraner boy to cancer in September. The family was heart
broken & so ready to embrace puppy Hunter into their family! Hunter is in the perfect home now, on 12 acres in Oregon,
with his new Dad & Stay-at-Home Mom, 2 human playmates, an 8 year old Chihuahua girl, an 8 year old Yorkie Poodle mix
boy, a 2 year old Labrador Mix girl, horses & chickens! When Hunter is not romping on the ranch with his new playmates,
he will be with his adoring family hiking, camping & going for boat rides. He loves snuggling in bed between Mom & Dad!
NCWR is so thrilled that Hunter is in his Forever Home!

Zoe had lived with her previous family since she was a puppy. Life was good until she had a scuffle with the neighbor's
Chihuahua, Zoe's only infraction, so her family surrendered her to NCWR. Zoe's new Mom was a dog trainer in the Ukraine
& fell in love with Weimaraners when she helped her friend raise theirs. She was looking for her best friend for life to join
her on all of her adventures & she felt Zoe was that perfect companion! Zoe & Mom's home in San Ramon is near trails &
parks, so they will be very active. Zoe's favorite pastime is following her new Mom everywhere! We are so happy for Zoe!

Monty was living a great life until his Dad passed away unexpectedly. Dad's family & friends worked together to take care
of Monty until they could find a good situation for him. Monty has Addison’s disease, so he will need life-long medications
& a very special home! Lucky for Monty, that very special home with very special parents materialized just in time!
Monty's new parents fell in love with him right away & say he is an awesome boy! Monty now lives in Fresno with a small,
mixed breed girl playmate & is an important part of the family.
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
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Meet seven year old SAM! He was adopted from a shelter but it turned out
that Sam has separation anxiety and became destructive when separated
from his humans 8 -10 hrs a day, His family called upon NCWR to find a
home for him where he could get more attention and be part of the action.
Sam is now in one of NCWR’s treasured foster homes. Sam’s foster family
says that Sam is great with people and will bond quickly with his family.  
Sam has some basic obedience skills, good recall and is working on
perfecting his leash walking skills. Sam is an expert counter surfer and his
foster family is working on that with him.  Sam can be a bit dominant with
other dogs, so he would do best in a home without other dogs to compete
with. Sam is house trained, neutered and up to date on vaccines.  His
adoption fee is $300.  If you are interested in adopting Sam and making him
part of your family, please fill out an
MAYA is a lovely, energetic 9 year old female who was brought to a
shelter with her partner in crime for chasing the goats around when
she was moved from her backyard to the ranch.  She was raised with
children and has been in foster care with a doggie home so she’s one
well-rounded girl!  Maya is a sponge for attention, bringing toys to her
human for play.  Foster dad has completely brushed Maya up on indoor
potty protocol as she wasn’t sure at first. We think she and her pal were
kept outdoors most of the time.  We are looking for a family with time to
give her exercise, playtime and snuggles on the couch.  Maya is spayed
and up to date on all her vaccines and is heartworm negative.  Maya is
being fostered in Berkeley.  Her adoption fee is $200.  If you would like
to meet Maya, please submit an
ROCKET is a 10 month old whose owners were
and unable to handle his energy and the
training that must go into a young dog.  He’s a
beautiful, neutered young male with tons of
energy and intelligence and sweetness.  
Currently, Rocket is in foster care learning basic
training and manners after which he will be
available for adoption!  His adoption fee is $550.  
If your ready to take this journey,please submit
As your beloved one nears end
of life, here is a wonderful way
to keep an image of them close
to your heart, a sterling silver
CYRUS is an 8 year old male Blue Weimaraner.  Unfortunately,
his current owners are moving and they are unable to take him
with them. Cyrus loves everyone! He is good with people, other
dogs, kids, and even the kitties! He is housebroken, trained and
has great recall.  Cyrus prefers sniffing to playing ball but loves to
join his people for long walks and hikes.  Like so many Weims, he
has some separation anxiety when left too long so an owner that is
around a good part of the day would be best.  If you are looking for
a mature boy who is still active yet always ready to snuggle with
you, Cyrus may be your boy!  He is neutered, current on
vaccinations and micro-chipped.  His adoption fee is $300.  If you
would like to meet him, please submit an
DUKE is in need of an immediate foster or a forever home.  He is a handsome,2 year old big boy who has
a big heart.  He will settle in on your couch, snuggle and quickly adapt to your own Weim or other large
breed dog.  We can only guess what this guy has endured by his behavior leading us to believe he was left
outdoors and not given much human interaction.  Duke needs some manners and a leader who enjoys
shaping a dog.  Duke was stressed in his foster home and began marking indoors as a manifestation of his
confusion at having been boarded for some time.  We believe this may have been a stress signal as was the
separation anxiety that developed.  Both of these issues may disappear in the right environment and
when he understands your rules.  Duke needs to know he has a home and a family that’s not going to
desert him again.  We are looking for a foster or permanent home with minimal alone time and also where
there are no small dogs or kitties.  If you love to train and really want to help a dog in need, Duke will be
forever grateful giving back one hundred fold!  He is neutered, heart-worm negative and up to date on his
vaccinations.     His adoption fee is $500.  If you would like to meet him, please submit an
application or
call Shiffra at 707 987-8572 if you are a previous adopter or have an approved application on file.